Thank you Kieran and Erwin for your, as ever , …

Comment on Wearable warriors by Jen Standish-White.

Thank you Kieran and Erwin for your, as ever , insightful, supportive and inspiring coverage of this year’s Central Ten Wearable Art Awards which once again has defined the creative character of our arts and design community here in Alice Springs.

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Editor injured in hit and run
Sending prayers and all best wishes for a full recovery Erwin. Thinking of both you and Kieran. What a callous and cowardly deed – I do hope that the perpetrator will be caught and dealt with accordingly. Be strong as I know you will be. We all look forward to a whisky on your return! Jen

Council candidate has a focus on young people
Curious to know what role Matty had in establishing the Alice Springs Youth Hub?

LETTER: A town council media policy is wrong on every count
@1 Speaking out is not the issue here. It’s about how one says it, whether written or verbal, and the relevant codes of conduct one has undertaken, or are obliged to uphold.

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