Thanks to everyone for another great wearable arts event – …

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Thanks to everyone for another great wearable arts event – one which for me at least has returned us to the standard of the early years … So lovely to see Franca and Philomena continuing to contribute with such beautiful pieces. Letitia did a great performance – up there with the winners I thought. Thanks Kieran and Erwin for helping me relive the night with great pics and reportage and a big thanks to Central Craft, to Jen Standish-White, Anneke, Dusty Feet Dance Collective and everyone who participated – our community is truly a creative wonder.

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Humble objects of women’s work used to ask big questions
Yes Russell, I should have made the “last missionary ” statement clearer. Margaret describes herself as the last Uniting Church missionary in Central Australia. You are right. There have and continue to be many missionaries in this part of the world. Not all of them religious. Hope this error does not stop you from going to see the show or detract from the many other representations it makes.

Man sought in indecent assault investigation
Guess it was dark?
I walk on the road rather than the footbridge at night to avoid such problems.
Which is not to say one shouldn’t be able to walk on the footbridge or that it was in anyway this woman’s fault for doing so. Absolutely not.
But is to pass on some practical advice given to me long ago which I hope will encourage local women to stay on the streets after dark and not allow this assault to have a greater negative impact than it should.

Third rapist of European tourists: 15-page criminal history at age 20
Thanks as always for such clear reporting Kieran.
Horrendous though it is to hear the details of such crimes which have an impact on all women who try to “live and walk alone without fear” (to quote from the reclaim the night anthem) it is also heart warming to know of the community support the women received and the possibility of a return to “normal” life.
Very glad to get my news from you.
Hope you got some support for yourself whilst sitting through the trial. Vicarious trauma is one the risks people detailing this story also face.

Is there no law in The Alice?
Dear Bronte … I feel very sorry for the woman injured in the bicycle accident and hope she gets better soon.
FYI, one of the reasons I ride on the footpaths in Alice is because the concrete intrusions into the roads near pedestrian crossings and corners put there by council a couple of years ago have made cyclists in this town more prone to being hit by cars.
I understand that the local walking and cycling group has informed council of this danger but nothing has been done to remove it.
The absence of law and its increased enforcement is not the only cause or solution for all our social problems.
Sometimes simple non-punitive structural changes can also reduce everyone’s risk of accident just as ill-informed structural changes to our roads – like those concrete “improvements” which focussed on pedestrian safety without thinking about cyclists – can also cause.
This is not to suggest that the accident you saw was a direct result of this … sounds like speed might have been involved? It is however just to suggest a non-punitive approach to the problem.

The fertile space between us
Thanks Kieran. Was sadly out of town when you gave last week’s talk. Delighted to be able to read this extract here. Your Lofty award is well deserved. The town, especially the artistic community, is all the richer for your insightful commentary.

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