Good article, and I respect the sense of adventure and …

Comment on The street is to skaters what the ocean is to surfers by Hal Duell.

Good article, and I respect the sense of adventure and thrill expressed in it. I wish you luck in your riding.
But I think to compare skateboarding with surfing in the ocean is to create a false analogy. Surfers catch their rides out where the ocean breaks. This is an environment in which there are neither children, nor the elderly, nor, to pick just one example, the visually impaired.
To bring the story back to Alice, we will now have a trial of skateboarding in Todd St North. I hope it works to everyone’s advantage. I hope there are no accidents. But a shared urban street is not the open ocean. Let’s not confuse the two.

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Budget repair: Check out the cost of this load of rubbish
Thanks for the story, Erwin.
You’ve detailed a journey into the bureaucratic maze of “it’s not mine / I didn’t do it”.
Talk about kicking a can down the road!
I also like your suggestion that the NT government sack half its public servants and compel the remainder to do their jobs.
That’s another can ready to be kicked down the road.

Massive horse deaths now a risk to humans
Are you saying, Eugene’s mate, that the dead animals should be left as a community health hazard while CLC asks for someone’s permission to heap them up for burning or for burial?
Or perhaps that’s not CLC’s job or problem, but then it never is, is it?

Massive horse deaths now a risk to humans
In a drought, especially if twinned with poor land management, stock will die. That’s one thing.
Then there’s the dead carcasses to dispose of. That’s the next thing.
Heap them up to burn or bury. That’s a no-brainer.
The CLC is acting like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

All views about gallery location will be considered: Lauren Moss
From time to time political commentary throws up a new and apt phrase. The one I’m thinking of is “nothing burger”.
This whole art gallery shemozzle is looking more and more like a nothing burger.

Gallery swap: Aborigines second in pecking order
Is Michael Gunner channeling Theresa May?

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