Good article, and I respect the sense of adventure and …

Comment on The street is to skaters what the ocean is to surfers by Hal Duell.

Good article, and I respect the sense of adventure and thrill expressed in it. I wish you luck in your riding.
But I think to compare skateboarding with surfing in the ocean is to create a false analogy. Surfers catch their rides out where the ocean breaks. This is an environment in which there are neither children, nor the elderly, nor, to pick just one example, the visually impaired.
To bring the story back to Alice, we will now have a trial of skateboarding in Todd St North. I hope it works to everyone’s advantage. I hope there are no accidents. But a shared urban street is not the open ocean. Let’s not confuse the two.

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No youth detention facilities in residential areas: MLAs
Why aren’t youth detention services under correctional services instead of family affairs? Family affairs have had their shot and failed. Time for someone else to step up.

Coles Mural: Government, Heritage Council fall silent
Ntharipe Observer, Posted November 10, 2018 at 4:51 pm.
Sounds good, but then if the plan is to leave the oval alone, why not just leave it alone?

Coles Mural: Government, Heritage Council fall silent
Perhaps a bit optimistic to think the heritage minister, Lauren Moss, would act to preserve the Coles Mural when she is actively attempting to turn the arguably more heritage rich Anzac Oval into a bus parking bay for the proposed gallery.

Anzac Oval grab Minister rejects Coles Mural listing
Is there any news on the suggested heritage listing of Anzac Oval and the old high school?
[ED – It has been lodged by Alex Nelson some time ago, Hal.]

Independents now ineffective?
I’m about 50% with Steve on this one. If a candidate wins office running under a political party’s banner and accepts support from them in volunteers and funds, then I think a case can be made for them to resign and a by-election to be held.
Many voters vote for a party, and to pocket their votes and then change smacks of fraud, of “bait and switch”.
But an Independent? They made no promise to any established political entity. Why would they not be free to form this or that group? The next election will show what the electorate thinks of it.

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