@Laughing Cycles are and were always designed for roads … not …

Comment on The street is to skaters what the ocean is to surfers by Terry.

Cycles are and were always designed for roads … not footpaths … and runners run on roads knowing the risks. If you have children how would you feel if one of them was hospitalised by a speeding person on a skateboard on a pedestrian way? Get real.

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The street is to skaters what the ocean is to surfers
@Melanie Ross
Well Melanie, let’s hope it’s not one of your children who gets hurt. I am willing to bet that there will be “accidents” if this idiocy is allowed to continue. Give the young folks a skate park, even if the town cannot afford one, find the money somehow and do it, because I believe Alice will regret it down the track if you do not.

The street is to skaters what the ocean is to surfers
@Ray. You must be joking? If not it is something that needs to be addressed. What a crazy by-law.

The street is to skaters what the ocean is to surfers
Skating is fine, in it’s correct environment. A skate Park. On the streets it is dangerous to the skaters and the public (who the streets are built for).
I believe that those that skate on public streets and put people at risk should be prosecuted, just as cyclist that ride on footpaths should also. Public streets are not racetracks, or places to play dangerous sports.

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Town camp attackers should face full force of law
No matter who is in power politically, I agree with Mr Higgins.
If you allow the law of the land to be sidestepped for any particular group of people anarchy will surely follow.
Black white or brindle you MUST enforce the law of the land.
Sidestep the law for any group for any reason and chaos is a certainty.

Street kids: No Protective Custody but Care Orders
It is not mentioned here, but I assume that the majority of these children are Aboriginal? And I do not see too many post placing the blame where it belongs: With the parents.
Failing that, why not set up a camp either in or outside the city staffed by senior Aboriginal people where these children can be held until the parents are contacted, and possibly brought to task.
Children have historically been punished for misbehaving, either by the parent of by the law. Why is it so different in The Alice?

Review, don’t celebrate Pine Gap: Alice peace group
Good to see that a few Alice residents see the true value of Pine Gap. Like it or not, It plays a huge part in the protection of the Western World. Thank you USA.

Stealth party to mark 50 years of Pine Gap
What the!
Alice has sucked of the American teat for years but suddenly it’s all Americas fault, or even better it’s Trumps fault?
Six months in power after eight years of Democratic rule? And he is to blame? Get real, not so.
The fault and the fact that Alice is becoming crime ridden and not a nice place to live in is down purely and simply to years of bad city management and bad decisions.
I lived in the Alice in the seventies and eighties, but following The Alice Springs News over the years and watching the town’s decline I know that there is no way I would live there now.
To those in charge of the city I say “get your act together and fix the city’s problems, it’s almost too late now but some hard thinking and management biting the bullet may just recover what is lost”.

Loop Road heading towards jobs
Reading this article almost breaks my heart. I lived in The Alice for over 10 years in the 1970s and for me, the very isolation of the place and the lack of so called modern amenities such as sealed roads and supermarkets was a huge part of the attraction of living there.
Talk of loop roads, and even more government control over this, one of the last true wild country experiences is, as I have said, heartbreaking for those of us that remember the old Alice.
PS: For those who wonder why I ever left, it was to give my eldest son the opportunity to develop a thriving business Down South.
I still miss the Alice and her lifestyle.

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