John Brown … whoever you may be … you disgust …

Comment on Jobs not programs, growth not talk: Bonanni by Peter Bassett.

John Brown … whoever you may be … you disgust us and most every other ex Alice resident who ever loved raising a family, working hard … and making an honest contribution to our once prosperous and happy town.

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Jobs not programs, growth not talk: Bonanni
Kylie, Fabio and Family … so pleased to read about your successful entry in Northern Territory politics.
Once you have helped to balance the ASTC political agenda … and also introduced much needed reforms and programs … trust we soon also see the Adam Giles team taking a keen interest in your abilities.
It is indeed a pleasure to be able to say I have enjoyed the fortitude and honesty and integrity of the Bonanni Family for over 50 years.

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The stolen child who went to university
I trust all racist ignorant followers of the Promised Land acknowledge the clear fact that there was never a “stolen generation” and that the vast majority of similar “needy” children today would benefit likewise if they were in fact “stolen” today.

Custodians decline meeting with council on gallery
When you … learn to sit down in the dirt with all the genuine Senior local custodians…as I did successfully since 1965, one day you just may all surprise yourselves and conveniently solve the only problem our once vibrant, safe, secure and beautiful home town suffers daily from.

The entire world looks on at both you, Mr Michael Gunner, and you, Mr Damien Ryan, with utter disbelief at your arrogant racist incompetence, together with your equally ignorant and racist snowflake financiers in Canberra.
And dont ever shoot this old keyboard “messenger”in the foot, over 25 years of my recorded written and personnel efforts to help our hometown are filed at the Alice Springs Police Station, N.T. Liquor Commission and Alice Springs Town Council.


Missing German woman ‘off the beaten path for many years’
I have tried to contact some of her open FaceBook page friends and asked them if the stuffed German lion found by the Alice Springs police together with a laptop satchel matching her posted loaded camping bike is her good luck charm.
Monika is a highly intelligent mathematics girl and well experienced bushwalker.

Mystery deepens about lost German woman
As the January 1972 Flynn grave murder still has not been solved, I do hope today’s Alice Springs police force have already noted on Ms Monika’s FaceBook page that she owns an Ipad and is a well seasoned muture responsible bushwalker.
We trust she is found sitting under a shady tree waiting for assistance.

Saturday, November 17: Royal anniversary for Alice
I think, this beautiful memory was recorded by Mr Geoffery Stephens, the nicest bloke to ever work for TAA.

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