Pretty quick to call the race card. Full marks to …

Comment on Alice grog source for huge region by Ray.

Pretty quick to call the race card. Full marks to Scullion for announcing the enquiry into the grog culture throughout the country, I think that is badly needed, however the government felt they had to prioritise the problems.
There is a problem across the country, but it is chronic in Aboriginal communities especially, so much like a nurse will triage patients according to who needs help first, it seems to me that this is what happened in this case.
I hope it extends to all of society after this initial one is complete. Why is everybody so keen to scream racist, before looking at reasons or getting the facts.
To me racism is the Goolagong Cawley tennis workshops that were open to all kids between 5 and 15, provided they are indigenous.
Try explaining that to an 8 year old who’s indigenous friend can go, but she is turned away, essentially because she is white.
Would have been better to me that all kids be encouraged to play together, and show that success comes down to effort, regardless of colour.

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Bringing Arrernte language into town signage
@ Chiara: There is also signage at the airport in Japanese, German and probably a couple of others.
It might be seen as quaint for these tourists, but that is it, a novelty.
People are concerned about the cost and then return on investment. To say we are the only town or airport in the world is just silly, and ignorant to the fact that any airport in Australia is on land that had connection to the Aboriginal group of that area, and they all had their own language, the same could be said of any airport anywhere in the world that had an Indigenous connection.

Home-coming for the foundation works of Western Desert art
I hope the exhibition will go well. I hope that the influence will be acknowledged.

Kings Canyon community invests in secondary education
A bit of a shame that Reg from Remote Tours is not mentioned here very much. As Alec says, a lot of the donations come from private schools down south, and if these schools had not experienced Lila Community through cultural tours organised by Remote Tours, they would not have had the desire or knowlege to contribute.
The Miss World / Miss Australia finalists also visited through Remote Tours and donated significant funds towards these facilities.
Remote Tours is a one man show who has been helping this community for many many years and has helped organise healthy breakfasts for the kids attending school through the Yummo program.
It is nice to see ths is being given the attention it deserves, but a shame that the coverage of this company is so low key.
Also it’s a shame that more local schools don’t take advantage of a cultural education experience right in our own backyard.
Rather it is the exclusive private schools that have switched on to this concept, and keep coming back to see how white and black, private and public can be a party to real understanding, cooperation and maybe reconciliation.

Student strike: Pietsch explains her actions, News responds
Well said, Erwin.

Help from fracking campaigner, or manipulating students?
Oh Jordyn please, of course it was organised by adults. And Get Up and similar groups are the ones promoting it.
A far move effective way to go would be spend a whole week studying the topic, looking at the tried and failed climate agreements, why world leaders have pulled out and why the targets are unrealistic, explore the falsities and discredited arguments of Al Gore et. al.
And develop a real solution that can be sent to the CSRIO and then study their response.
I suppose that it is good that they could show they are concerned about climate change, like we all are, but I know protesting in the street, with disrespectful, silly slogans obviously developed by adults will achieve what exactly?
Each kid putting something intelligent on Facebook would have more reach.

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