Oh no, this is really sad. The reason the CLC …

Comment on Ryan’s agenda to reform land council: broad support from members? by Ormiston.

Oh no, this is really sad. The reason the CLC has done so well all these many years and overcome many challenges is because of David Ross. He is in demand as a board member for many other organisations because of his experience and work ethic. Hopefully Maurie Ryan loses interest and the CLC can continue quietly on doing its work.

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Meeting suspending director not valid, says land council
Hi Interested Observer. Centrecorp is a separate organisation to the CLC and the CLC can’t receive any benefit from Centrecorp. This relationship was also looked at in an inquiry in 2009 and found to be above board.
As always the CLC is an easy target because of its visibility and its size and people look at the problems with Aboriginal living conditions and want someone or something to blame.
The big, fancy CLC building was perhaps not the best idea, but the idea behind it was to have a building that Aboriginal people can be proud of.
Returning to the situation at hand (Mr Ryan vs Mr Ross) I would say it reflects more a personal vendetta or battle rather than a deep seated unhappiness by CLC members with Mr Ross. Like I said David Ross has earned a lot of respect both from staff and the CLC members. He worked from the ground up, and that is an Aboriginal success story to celebrate not to bring down. No? Cheers.

Meeting suspending director not valid, says land council
The CLC is one of the most successful and stable Aboriginal organisations out there, thanks to David Ross. Of course it is not perfect but it has been through countless reviews and inquiries and has always come out the other end unscathed. David Ross is hardworking and has the respect of many people.

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