Mike and Maria, as always, are ready to put their …

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Mike and Maria, as always, are ready to put their money and effort where their mouth is. Talk is cheap, but people who constantly back up their vision with deeds, and commitment to beauty, and design, respect for culture and place, and celebrate life and the art of living should always be recognized, praised and applauded.
Now, if those who are responsible for the public realm can follow such an example, what a wonderful world it might be (apologies to Louis Armstrong).
Long may you two reign.

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In the company of birds: Iain Campbell
Sad to here of Iain’s passing. A wonderful generous hearted character, a man for all seasons.
I can still hear the beat of his drum at musical gatherings, especially the folk club in the late seventies. Rest in peace, Old Son.

Aboriginal teenagers: stop spoiling them
What a great photo of you Peter, Mike has done you proud!
The care you have for the land shows in the health of the bush around you.
The same care for the people of the land shows in your passionate views expressed here.
I hope for all our sakes both are realised in some way or another, and sooner rather than later.

Hard day in court ends with gesture of catharsis
Russell, thank you for sharing these personal experiences and insights.
Certainly you have a wealth of experience to draw upon after so many decades in the practice of law in Alice Springs.
I agree with sentiments already expressed here; there is a book waiting to be drawn from your time as a barrister in Central Australia.
Maybe one day then? I hope so.

Alice a place of dreamers and doers – for millennia!
Amelia, Maureen, and Alex, thank you so much for the kind words and lovely memories!
The sentiments are mutual, always good stories to tell people in Adelaide about the days of yore in Alice, and you all form many of those great memories and quirky tales of our adventures in the Red Centre. Merry Christmas, and a blessed New Year!

Fashion designs may create local industry
Wow, these are fabulous prints and wonderful clothing designs!
Very inspiring, congratulations to all involved.
I really hope you all prosper and grow through your efforts in the future.
Certainly it would be well deserved.

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