Thanks for the follow up on the article Erwin, I …

Comment on Rock tour report stirs hornet’s nest by Nick Pincott.

Thanks for the follow up on the article Erwin, I hardly think we’ve stirred up a hornets’ nest with just four responses but it is obvious there are concerned parties that take notice when something affects the industry.
I cannot speak for the other people that commented on the last article, but my reasoning for not providing my full name previously is simply that I would not like my opinions to reflect on my employers, my words are my own.
Janet Brown, while I do agree with you in principle regarding WHS practices and so forth, you must consider that there financial limitations to what can be provided depending on the price range of the tour.
Operators are being squeezed on both ends by rising operational costs and strong consumer demand for lower prices. Sensible operating practices are the best way to keep things safe.
That’s not to say anything is “skimmed” on, I just mean to say that we structure our tours and set up our facilities as best we can with the resources available to us.
Adding a second staff member on a bus not only doubles the wage bill, it removes a seat that could otherwise be sold. If all buses were full everyday with a steady stream of travelers coming in and out on budget flights, that might be an option, but that just isn’t the case right now.
This is why you will tend to find tour companies structuring their fuel breaks and so forth in a way that keeps drivers fresh and also just gives passengers a chance to stretch their legs and enjoy the scenery.
Coming back to the main point of my previous comment, I still don’t consider this to be a topic worthy of being called news. The article came off as being very one sided and highly defamatory towards the tour company. This could have been, and still should be something that is sorted out by the parties involved and not in the public forum.
I’d like to state clearly, I do not work for Wayoutback. Anyone who knows my name will recognise that I actually work for a company in direct opposition to them. But I feel the need to add balance to this discussion given the way they have been represented in these articles.
Just taking a moment to look at the customer feedback they receive on tripadvisor, gives a much clearer picture of the company and what they do. They are ranked #8 out of a total of 26 activities, the majority of their reviews are highly favourable and they just recently received a certificate of excellence from tripadvisor due to their positive reviews.
While this story may be something that could be considered a consumer affairs piece, I would just appreciate if it was presented in a light where the people of the whole company that work very hard, weren’t slandered on the opinion of just one passenger having a bad experience.

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Alice tourism: slow recovery while Rock booms
Thanks for this article Erwin, this is an vitally important issue for the town and I wish people would take it seriously.
You put forward some really good questions that weren’t really answered but need to be. Especially around Voyages and its profits/funding and benefit to the region.
The long-established tourism industry of Alice Springs has basically been decimated by the Rock in recent years. The flow-on to peripheral small businesses is glaringly obvious when you see all the empty shopfronts in town.
All the self-congratulations and social media campaigns in the world aren’t going to change anything if the financial capital and people with know-how have withdrawn from the town because they can see the writing on the wall.

The only thing that was ‘way out’ was the price
I’m struggling a little with this article. I work in the Alice Springs tourism industry and have for some time. I appreciate and welcome any commentary in local forums that shed light on the challenges we face, or constructive criticism on its development towards providing better travel experiences.
I don’t see how this article touches on either of those aspects. It seems to be nothing but a review from a negative experience, one that logically belongs on a tour review website. I cant see how this can even loosely be considered as news.
Not that these people don’t have a valid complaint, they do, but one that belongs in conversation between them and the tour operator, not the public forum.
There are REAL issues affecting Alice Springs tourism that deserve constructive discussion as it is a big part of our local economy.
Just media bashing a local company for the poor performance of one of their employees hardly fits into this category.

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