I have read the above comments. Putting up a statue …

Comment on Where to now for council and Stuart statue? by Pagan.

I have read the above comments.
Putting up a statue of Hitler: He had nothing to do with the opening up of the inland of Australia.
Respect: What about our respect for an important man coming into a strange land for his country for people to come and settle.
The Gun he carries: All explorers carried guns as do station owners when they go on their bore runs (checking the water for the cattle). If there is a animal in stress due to some misadventure, the gun is there and used.
As one of the above mentioned, the fighting, rubbish and language in the park every single day is enough to make everyone ashamed to call Alice Springs home.
There is no respect there for the people to love Alice.

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National Indigenous gallery process hijacked?
I agree with Ginnia plus the area around Anzac Oval is historical, with the Totom Theatre, the Old PreSchool, (50 + Centre) one of the first buildings built by local town residents, the Youth Centre and the oval.
Army tents were stationed here during the war. The area is named after the soldiers and the Anzac history is here at this place.
The oval is used continuously for all sorts of events, and so should remain so for all Alice Springs to continue to enjoy.
Do not destroy this place by building large centres on it, and ignoring the significance of this area.
Also parking would be even harder to find in this part of town.

Hordes of kids rampage: 50 cars hit
I bet these same thugs (because that is what they are) are destroying the cars in the Anzac carpark, where users of the 50+ Centre have to park their cars, until their park is completed.

Like Dale said on Q&A on Monday night, tough love is needed, not this poor bugger me attitude picking on me because of my race.

Self-funded retirees may get concessions back
I and many others in the mature age sector in the Territory had the understanding that the “Concession Schemeā€ is to give an incentive to keep the seniors living in the Territory, and stay in the Territory in their retirement.
This was to be done by supporting them in the everyday utilities of essentials, such as power, water, council rates, driver’s licence, travel and car rego.
It’s not a welfare scheme.
If money is to be cut, a suggestion could be: Only X amount of dollars for every utility, put on automatically as they are now on our invoices from the power, water, rates.
This would stop any rorting of the scheme and save thousands on bringing in a card.
If a card is required, it should be one for genuine Territorians who have been living in the Territory over 25 years. This would be a help in identifying genuine members.
It would be given automatically to them without being means testing, for identification.

People on welfare already are getting assistance for all of the above already.
Why should they receive it twice ?
When self funded retires have all the same utilises to pay as everyone else.

If they are not able to assist this scheme, why was this scheme to assist Territorians here in the first place?
These Self Funded Retires have work in the Territory most of their lives, shortly this is a thank you and please stay incentive

Finally, I believe it should be for all Territorians as above, and not only for persons on the welfare.

Old tree danger: council was told two years ago
It seems we all buckle under this do gooder mentality.
Respect for people’s safety would be good, but no, we hide behind the so called system of only doing as little as possible so as not to upset the do gooders who then would call us racist for not using commonsense, as every one can see, but does not want to rock the boat in this modern society.

Alice councillor tells nation’s media about Aboriginal brutality
Sounds like Jicenta is telling it from the heart and it’s about time the rest of Australia listens instead of trying to cover up or pour money into a problem that is there.
Nor hide behind politically correct garden that helps no-one.

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