As regards the talk of respect, how many times has …

Comment on Where to now for council and Stuart statue? by Hal Duell.

As regards the talk of respect, how many times has the Reptile Centre across the road from the statue been vandalised?
And hasn’t this vandalising been by youth doing whatever on Akeyulerre, or Billy Goat Hill, a site of acknowledged traditional importance?
Not much respect there.
And as for kids playing on the statue while their parents sit and talk, and sometimes argue and drink, on the public lawns, so what? A bit of play has to be more exciting than listening to the oldies carry on like pork chops.

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Pine Gap and the Nobel prize the Oz government ignores
Being in my own way an optimist, when Trump was elected President of the US I had hopes that he really would get out of foreign wars, make nice with Russia and rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure. Instead he seems to be locked into waging yet more wars, demonising Russia and destroying infrastructure (and how many lives and hopes and dreams?) in other lands.
Foolish me!
But there may still be a silver lining to the cloud of Trump’s presidency. All over the world people are waking up to the real and present danger of anyone, let alone an unstable person, having nuclear codes at his command.
And he is hardly alone in the unstable stakes. Can anyone really find reason to hope when looking at the antics of Kim in North Korea or Netanyahu in Israel?
The recent Nobel Peace Prize came as a bolt out of the blue. Hopefully it will not be an isolated and forgotten moment of sanity in a world with an increasingly desperate need of sanity.

Master plan for town, reconciliation plan for Australia Day
@ Alex Nelson, Posted October 13, 2017 at 5:00 pm.
Once again thank you for sharing your knowledge of the chronology of today’s Alice Springs.

Master plan for town, reconciliation plan for Australia Day
And they’ve hit the ground running. Two good motions. Well done!

Hundreds of empty plastic wine bottles in Todd
Put the same 10 cent deposit / refund on plastic wine bottles as is on all other drink containers, and they would soon be collected.

Police clash with protestors
So it seems Dylan Voller is a bit of a freak for an ass-whipping. I wonder if he’s seeing someone about that.

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