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Comment on The plan to undermine the Land Rights Act by Paul Parker.

Re: Ian Viner.
Commonwealth racism strangles the communities, preventing them from developing themselves.
Commonwealth obstructs “Traditional Owners” and others from obtaining reasonable leases for small areas of land in these communities to enable development.
Mr Viner IMHO you deliberately mislead Australians suggesting a few thousand quarter acre blocks required for developments in these communities, will result in loss of hundreds of thousands of square kilometres of land which these Commonwealth created Land Trusts own.
Mr Viner, you appear still NOT prepared to address issues and difficulties arising.
Commonwealth prevents these Commonwealth created corporate cowboys from being held accountable, while these Commonwealth created corporate cowboys refuse to manage their lands, refuse to maintain housing, refuse to provide their tenants with reasonable tenancy leases.
These Commonwealth corporate cowboys refuse to provide otherwise basic services provided by other landlords, they act as irresponsible landlords, but you ignore these issues.
Mr Viner, you and Commonwealth support these corporate entities ordering racial segregation of these communities.
You and Commonwealth support these corporate entities ordering racial segregation of families, even segregation of “Traditional Owners” from their families.
You support denial to people living upon these lands of their rights as Australians.
You support denial to people living upon these lands of their opportunities as Australians to do things to help themselves.
Rather than addressing fellow Australians as fellow Australians, you support and promote the use of racial tags.
Central to your approach is qualification of our rights as Australians using racial tags.
Such was and remains racist behaviour.
Such racist behaviour caused the ongoing disadvantage, such racist behaviour is NOT part of the solution.
Commonwealth considers seeking voters endorsement for their imposing apartheid upon Australians.
The Commonwealth supports, promotes and practices segregation of Australian families using racial measurements.
Australians at Federation and again in 1967 voted to ensure NO segregation, NO racial tagging to qualify our rights or responsibilities as Australians.

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What REALLY goes on in our streets: Youth worker
Evelyne Roullet Re: Posted January 18, 2018 at 4:49 pm
“Apartheid refers to a political system where people are clearly divided based on race, gender, class or other such factors.” Evelyne Roullet
By this the NT has always been, and remains, an apartheid state.
To resolve this we need to recognise the clear blame is resting with the Commonwealth.
The majority of Australians who created our Commonwealth sought NO “racial discrimination” between Australians.
Australians particularly were concerned about legislation imposing such upon Australians.
“Aboriginal” appeared in our Constitution to resolve then unknown numbers of potential voters “traditionally” roaming away from, outside, the wider Australian community.
The Commonwealth’s ongoing maintenance, and promotion, of racism upon Australians creates or maintains the problems.
Only elimination of racism in legislation will resolve the problems, removing opportunities to practice racism.

Gunner re-opens the Rivers of Grog floodgates
It remains the responsibility of licensees what happens within their premises, to ensure compliance with requirements set out in the legislation.
If Licensees find to difficult to check proper ID to avoid serving those on the BDR, they need provide better staff training.
If their own staff experience difficulty with unlawful purchase events they need then call police for assistance.
If licensees are not able to avoid serving banned persons alcohol, they need be temporarily closed until they can.

What will our cultural celebrations look like in a generation?
It is disappointing Professor Rolf Gerritsen neglects to mention when those colonial self-governing states all joined together to become the self-governing, independent nation of Australia.
Our Commonwealth of Australia commenced on January 1st, 1901.
The historical events of 26 January shall remain important historical events, however we each care remember.
Australians decided their own important January 1st independent nation events were NOT to start before noon (Sydney time) to ensure everyone “recovered” from celebration of New Years Eve, so all are well enough to attend our nationally important noon event of swearing in Ministers for our first Commonwealth government.
Such timing suits our national reputation on priorities:
1 January, Commonwealth Federation Day.
So move 26 January holiday to 2nd January and call it Australia Recovery Day.

What REALLY goes on in our streets: Youth worker
There is little need to change the criminal code.
There already exists a process used to determine whether parental responsibility is failing or working, and what needs to be done.
Even the best of parents may find themselves in court with their children following a single act of youthful irresponsibility.
Any parent can find themselves with youths no longer prepared to follow their reasonable instructions.
The need is for clearer policy dealing with parents who are irresponsible, and more assistance for responsible parents before they become a minority.
The need is for the responsible “Docs” department aka “Territory Families” with Minister Dale Wakefield and CEO Ken Davies to start attending public meetings with media present in Alice Springs to answer questions then respond to address raised issues, on how these problems are being addressed.
Clearly the NT has become an apartheid state, where the rights, responsibility and accountability of residents appears first determined by racial tags.
Racial tags are the responsibility problem, so not part of the solution.

NT road sealing costs threat to Outback Way?
Perhaps a major contributing cost to the deplorable condition of the existing road between Yulara and the border is that it is NOT part of the public highway.
The Commonwealth’s land rights act needs be amended to enable the NT Government reclaim land required for public roads, the same as other states, with just compensation determined and paid.
It is financial and political irresponsibility for NTG to pay for construction of privately owned roads and housing.
The failure of the Commonwealth to enable such resumptions contributes significantly to deplorable conditions.
These wealthy private corporate landlords need spend their own money, not milk public funds.
The failure to eliminate such a rort contributes to the Commonwealth’s reputation as a government committed to promoting racism and inequality.

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