Re: Ian Viner. Rubbish. Commonwealth racism strangles the communities, preventing them …

Comment on The plan to undermine the Land Rights Act by Paul Parker.

Re: Ian Viner.
Commonwealth racism strangles the communities, preventing them from developing themselves.
Commonwealth obstructs “Traditional Owners” and others from obtaining reasonable leases for small areas of land in these communities to enable development.
Mr Viner IMHO you deliberately mislead Australians suggesting a few thousand quarter acre blocks required for developments in these communities, will result in loss of hundreds of thousands of square kilometres of land which these Commonwealth created Land Trusts own.
Mr Viner, you appear still NOT prepared to address issues and difficulties arising.
Commonwealth prevents these Commonwealth created corporate cowboys from being held accountable, while these Commonwealth created corporate cowboys refuse to manage their lands, refuse to maintain housing, refuse to provide their tenants with reasonable tenancy leases.
These Commonwealth corporate cowboys refuse to provide otherwise basic services provided by other landlords, they act as irresponsible landlords, but you ignore these issues.
Mr Viner, you and Commonwealth support these corporate entities ordering racial segregation of these communities.
You and Commonwealth support these corporate entities ordering racial segregation of families, even segregation of “Traditional Owners” from their families.
You support denial to people living upon these lands of their rights as Australians.
You support denial to people living upon these lands of their opportunities as Australians to do things to help themselves.
Rather than addressing fellow Australians as fellow Australians, you support and promote the use of racial tags.
Central to your approach is qualification of our rights as Australians using racial tags.
Such was and remains racist behaviour.
Such racist behaviour caused the ongoing disadvantage, such racist behaviour is NOT part of the solution.
Commonwealth considers seeking voters endorsement for their imposing apartheid upon Australians.
The Commonwealth supports, promotes and practices segregation of Australian families using racial measurements.
Australians at Federation and again in 1967 voted to ensure NO segregation, NO racial tagging to qualify our rights or responsibilities as Australians.

Recent Comments by Paul Parker

Independents now ineffective?
To suggest a potential candidate is “no longer allowable to run as a party associated independent” appears breach principles of democracy in elections.
Such restricting claims upon candidates and elected representatives need be resolved by the High Court.
Candidates stand as natural persons, chosen by voters where they stand for election.
Why each candidate obtains voter preferences is a matter for each voter to decide.
Individual candidates when elected retain right to change their mind, their political affiliations, whenever they wish.
Elected members are judged by their voters at each election, not by others they may or may not be associate with.

If you can climb Mt Everest and in Yosemite, why not Uluru?
The ‘ABC’ acronym apparently stands for Apartheid Building Corporation, reflecting its long term support and promotion of racial separatism with inequality of opportunity.
Most understand is hard to eat your cake and keep it.
Not hearing of plans to close California’s Yosemite National Park, at least 10 deaths this year, two last Wednesday from a popular lookout being investigated.

Snooping bureaucrats, clinics for Aborigines only
The Commonwealth continues its support, promotion and practice of apartheid, exercising racial discrimination upon Australians.
The Commonwealth claims its racial segregation of my family is to help us.

Alcohol floor price may breach Australian Constitution
Re: Strikey, posted October 13, 2018 at 11:36 pm.
“When you have a 40,000 year old culture of sharing everything, then it perfectly acceptable for 10 mates to chip in fifty bucks each to buy a bottle of rum!”
Culture is not fixed.
Culture is about acceptable behavior, sharing is part of every culture.
Each culture applies measures which reflect their environment, each adapts to suit their environment, their physical and social survival.
Culture is slow to change, yet each culture experiences ongoing change, ongoing adaptation.
Failing to recognize, to understand, limitations and changes within each cultural group demonstrates ignorance or disrespect.
Every generation re-writes what is culturally acceptable to them.

Council shoots Anzac precinct gallery down in flames
I congratulate the councillors for their demonstrated commitment to principles, to what is best for their community, and with support from the community.
With inadequate public information, such rejection is the best decision for government.
Good government for good decisions requires full, open, lengthy and public discussions of issues long before decisions to be made.
For far too long various NT governments have regularly demonstrated their lack of this ability.
Voters in the NT need ensure each MLA understands clearly they are elected, or rejected, by their electorate, not their party.

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