This is the first step an many more to come …

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This is the first step an many more to come so anyone who is against this don’t worry.
Many people will complain, department of planning permission and so forth.
This could take years and lots of money. Just one question Steve, how are you going to access drinking water?
Wish you all the best. It may turn out to be a good idea but each to their own.

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Zoning approval for White Gums subdivision
Could you answer my question. Where are you going to access drinking water. You will more than likely need to access it from Stuart Highway pipe line or through Honeymoon Gap. This will cost a lot of money but good luck to you.

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Anzac Oval will be site for gallery: Gunner
Give it to Katherine, this is dragging on to long. If people are going to complain take it away from them, Mr Gunner. Then they will complain that the Government doesn’t care about the Alice. I can’t believe I agree with Janet Brown. This is a first!

Aboriginal gallery is bound to have a stone wall
This has gone on to long. Sick of hearing about it.
The best thing to do is not have it at all. Move it to Darwin or Adelaide.
It is going to be vandalised every weekend here no matter where you put it.
I know that’s not a good thing for the Alice but spend all those millions cleaning up the streets. Imagine or dream that Alice Springs wins an award of the tidiest town lol.
Stop the alcohol issue and violence that tourists see when they arrive.
Before everyone gets angry at my message, we are leaving Alice next year due to a incident which will be in our minds forever.
I hope things improve as I really want Alice Springs to change. It has so much to offer.

‘Save Anzac Oval’ motion defeated
Thank you Janet for your comment.
I have never heard you say or write anything positive about the Opposition, I may have missed this so don’t take offence please.
I hate politics, but what I am saying which surely you can notice, is that the same five all support the one party no matter what subject or what is to be the correct decision.
The councillors have always had a majority of CLP voters.
It’s great to have a variety of people now.

‘Save Anzac Oval’ motion defeated
It is interesting that the same CLP voters and councillors vote exactly the same. I am surprised Steve Brown has not responded. I just noticed Janet has commented so no surprise there.
It is really funny that you are proud to support this party. Can’t you remember the results of the last election? You were hopeless. It is always the same 5 counsellors causing the issues. Tell me what has the Mayor done for this town apart from collecting payments for being on boards and attending functions.
Have the guts to vote on what you believe is right not just following a party who is incompetent.
I like your comments Ray you have provided some great examples!!!!!!!
[ED:- We are offering right of reply to the Mayor.]

Pollution? High fliers get it easy.
Hi Erwin
Just to clarify a few things I don’t like the dumping of fuel it is an environmental nightmare.
However in terms of this situation the plane needed to. A plane is filled up plus a bit more for emergency to get to their destination.
This case they had to empty fuel otherwise many lives are at risk. A plane cannot land with that amount of fuel.
I am not 100 percent sure but Alice Springs airstrip maybe shorter than a main or larger airport.
[ED – Jon, please read the report and then comment.]

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