Pagan. The Sovereign Tribes you see here are merely re …

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Pagan. The Sovereign Tribes you see here are merely re affirming their Common Law Sovereignty and reclaiming their Sovereign Tribal Lands left to them by their Ancestors DNA.
This corporation called the Commonwealth of Australia Corporation is a corporation registered offshore in the USA SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION (SEC) … PRETENDING to be a government since 1901.
And this pretend (PIRATE) government was enacted by the UK Westminster Parliament.
Statute law is maritime law in effect this pirate government is using admiralty law of the sea on land is which is piracy on land.
Statute law is the law of legalise which is trade on the high seas, this government as a corporation is using corprate ‘law’ against all who live on Autralia in effect using policies and procedures of a corporate governemnt and the Police are their corporate security to police their policies where the name POLICE comes from … real name POLICY ENFORCEMENT AGENCY and every state and territories have their own ABN numbers including the courts for the corporate government.
And to Bob Durnan: The Untulya tribe is one of the latest Sovereign Tribe of the Arrernte Nation of Sovereign Tribes have a signed and SEALED TREATY with 196 other Original Sovereign Tribes across Australia North South East West and now Centre and these tribes have Created the Original Sovereign Tribal Federation (OSTF) and have taken these TREATIES the the United Nations in Geneva on July 27 2012 and were tabled and filed into the UN as Sovereign States under those treatties invoking the UN Resolution 26 25 Article XXV of self determination.
At the signing of the documents into the UN the UN Head Office advised our convenors to convey to the Australian Quasi British governments to de colonise Australia forthwith from that day.
Since these documents the OSTF filed into the UN has also invoked the war crimes commission of the Hague who is watching our Sovereignty.
WE the OSTF have sent registered letters to every head of state across the globe about the status of our sovereignty and the outcome was unanimous by most of the superpowers including Russia who have been interacting with some of our tribes who have written to Vladmir Putin privately.
That is why Russian warships came and parked in international waters at the time of the G20.
The Russians were having conversations by radio with the Sovereign Tribes of Cairns the Yindingi and others.
There is much more I would like you to know, Bob, but at the moment can you please google a government document Sir Harry Gibb Statement in PDF form and this is only one such document we keep as evidence when we Indict the last four prime Ministers of Australia into The Hague for treason and crimes against humanity.
I will be attending and opposing the sovereign summit attached to Labor this weekend at the Bungalow (Womans Dreaming place of Trauma). UN officials attending ‘in situ’.
Cheers, Elatjia

Elatjia Also Commented

Whitegate: nation born under a tin shelter?
@ Original Centralian my skin name is Jakamarra of central Arrernte. business is on as we write. You say you are a person well a person is a whitemans name for a breathing blood flowing Sovereign designed by white people to capture your soul. I have been learning and sharing from other Elders across the country on Tribal Lore to our tribes status across this spiritual place.
The freedom summit was warned a week before it was opened by tribal ‘business’ men that they were not invited here by tribal lore and the Elders weren’t invited by them. The summit was held on two sorry days, a breach of tribal lore. Two loremen were sent to gather information and discovered that the convenors of the summit were in a deal with the labour government and still ‘fighting’for land rights like biting the hand that feeds them. We the Original Sovereign Tribal Federation (OSTF)have taken it to the global community and we will not be legislated out of existance. We now have the backing of War Crimes Commission of the Hague after evidence presented found Australia is still a british colony and they have to de-colonise Australia since 2012. Tribal knowledge is that I have learnt the whitemans law and with wisdom I and now 200 other Sovereign Tribes across this country are using tribal Lore which we cannot change to assure our Sovereignty in this country. take it as an act of peace. If we don’t do this they will send the army in and they will take it by force. Then we will see who the crackpot is………….

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