This is about more than Money! “They think they can …

Comment on Firebrands United: Block gas, oil production, says Anderson by Paul Armstrong.

This is about more than Money!
“They think they can get the oil and the gas out of our country for free. They create the perception that the land Aboriginal people live on is all empty, just so they can can steal our oil and gas.

This Is The WAR ON TERRIOSM . They Are Attacking our water supply.
Pumping Hundreds of galons of toxic chemicals into our ground water.So it’s no good for anything ,Forget about the money YOU CAN’T drink it!
Arsenic ,lead ,Methanol, Formaldehyde Just to name a few left in the ground, 1000s of litres.
We Need to stop this War ON Our Inland Waters . So our kids have a future and our grand children. Because We are putting the Future at risk.
Adam Giles has been given the job to build the territory. And Look after Its Dreaming. The Land is the dreaming , It gives us our identity. It gives us our food. (Stop the Murder)
In schools they taught us to love the land,
(white or Black).
So WE All Need To Work Together to stop Fracking. And Us, Australian People, We Need Strong Representatives because Our Dreamtime is under threat.. So Let’s Ask Adam ?

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