I couldn’t agree more with the comments of Interested Onlooker …

Comment on Mining may trigger urban drift: national freedom meeting by Desert Rat.

I couldn’t agree more with the comments of Interested Onlooker … Just the names of those mentioned meant that this meeting was gonna be poorly supported by the majority.

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Will Aboriginal councillor be blocked from town camps?
I am curious as to why Mr Shaw is still living in a town camp when he must be getting paid in excess of $100k pa.
Is his earnings “means tested” to allow for cheap rent / rates and maintenance?

Dylan Voller ‘no comment’ on kill list
Re Evelyne Roullet: In relation to Giles House, I’m not sure what you are leading to about kids taken to highschool in a police car?
Re Voller, if he wants the support of the local community, then he needs to seen to be trying to do the right thing. Hanging around the casino wouldn’t sit right with the majority.

CAAMA radio: questions on Hampton appointment
Re S Taylor: I read most these comments with interest and amusement and comment when I feel that I might have a bit of an idea about what I’m talking about.
If you are confused then so am I as I wasn’t aware of CAAMA having a deputy CEO. And probably not funded for one.
Could you advise as to who this non-indigenous person is, please.
It would be good for me and other readers to be fully informed in this saga before making unfounded comments.
Or are you just presuming this because you don’t know what is going on within CAAMA.

Dylan Voller ‘no comment’ on kill list
Heather Wells, I agree with you.
Why don’t we just close all the juvenile detention centres and let the unruly kids go around without taking any responsibility, face conviction and receive penalty. That will work.
Then we can do the same with the adult prisons as well.
People need to realise that in the past, juveniles here in the Territory have been found guilty of many, many serious offences, including arson, rape, and even murder.
But let’s now turn a blind eye to all this and let them run free.

Shock resignation as radio station ‘Aboriginalises’
Brassie Babe or Brissie Babe or whoever you are.
I am not on any board for any Aboriginal Organisation and don’t have anything to do with CAAMA. I know of three or four people on that board, and I can assure you that I am not one of them.
Why would I be trying to put some “feel good” in for the board?
You seem to know a bit more … I didn’t even know Karl Hampton was the “former” chair, until today.
Maybe you should spill the beans on what you think you know, of the whole story.
I’m only going on common sense and “The Grapevine” but you seem to have “inside knowledge”.
Maybe employed at CAAMA and trying to knife someone in the back?

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