So, Peters, if there was an issue with Ken in …

Comment on Yipirinya School principal locked out by Milly Litchfield.

So, Peters, if there was an issue with Ken in 2006 how come the council still let him continue on in the role for another nine years?
Either there is something very wrong with the council or there were no grounds for the allegations – wow – now there’s a thought – which sounds incredibly recent! It doesn’t take a PhD (even a Mickey Mouse one) to work that one out, hey!
Sadly next Tuesday is going to open with a great many heart broken children when they realise that four of their most loved teachers are not at school to greet them – all because of one man’s ego (and we are not talking Ken here, hey Jungala!)
What an incredibly sad era for Yipirinya School. I repeat – Shame Shame Shame.

Milly Litchfield Also Commented

Yipirinya School principal locked out
I am offended and appalled by this defamatory article – as I believe will a great many Alice Springs residents as this story unfolds.
Never has Yipirinya School had such a dedicated and effective principal.
Ken has raised SO much money for the school over the years to enable it to INCREASE its profile, and EMBED its vision (contrary to what Kngarai says – and it’s clear to me who this is!).
Who else would spend their Sunday afternoons visiting camps to ensure the children had at least one meal over the weekend?
Peters – never has a man been MORE moral than Ken – his son WAS employed as a casual staff member – and worked tirelessly for the good of the school.
This is a sad sad day for Alice Springs and I look forward to the day he is reinstated – and he WILL be.
Shame on you Jungala – shame shame shame.

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