What a shame, that one who has done so much …

Comment on Yipirinya School principal locked out by Alice at Heart.

What a shame, that one who has done so much for people and children in the town camps and for Alice generally, would now be so “locked out”!
As always, it’s the small and often forgotten ones who will most suffer in this – the very kids and families of the town whom Jungala and others purport to serve.
To lock Mr Langford out, along with others who have cared so deeply for the school over many, many years (longer possibly than Jungala has been alive!) speaks volumes about the current board’s dysfunction.
I fear for the future of the school under its current governance. Most importantly, Yipirinya, which has been a beacon of hope for education in the “heart” of our nation seems now at risk of being extinguished, and Australians all will be the poorer for it!
Jungala – swallow some contrition, see with the eyes of a true desert elder, and help re-build the peace!
For the good of all, and especially those who least have a voice, but have most to gain (or lose) through your current posturing.

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