As a constituent of Araluen I urge you Robyn to …

Comment on Alice CLP branch solidly behind Giles government by Lou Hayes.

As a constituent of Araluen I urge you Robyn to go Independent.
She doesn’t need to be part of all this hate from within the CLP.
We love the work she has been doing, she has been the best local member we have had in Alice Springs.
It just shows how stacked the CLP are and the measures that they’ll go to save their precious little boy Adam.
Alison Anderson was right when she said he Adam Giles was a little boy the childish games he has played are outrageous – he has no respect for Territorians. It was only reinforced yesterday when he was interviewed by Nadine Maloney on ABC.
Jenni just made matters worse on radio for her golden boy, presumably those few who attended last night’s meeting have directly benefitted from his terrible tenure as CM, to the detriment of the wider Alice community.
Let us decide who is our Chief Minister?

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Alice CLP branch solidly behind Giles government
It is Janet, Labor is on the way!

Recent Comments by Lou Hayes

Widow cities and rural bliss: a diverse electorate
The reason Namatjira has not received any additional infrastructure is because the CLP have starved the electorate as a way of trying to punish Ms Anderson for leaving there party.
Is Ms Williams not familiar that it’s the party that she’s standing for that have starved the bush and created these so called Widow Cities?
People in Alice Springs might be fooled by her glamorous, platinum blonde facade but I don’t think the people of the bush are fooled.
They want someone that will actually get out and work for them not the staffer of one of the worst housing ministers.
Heidi claims that she wants to drive change; well, if she couldn’t do it as a chief of staff for a party that’s in government already then what hope has she got ?

Town camp review to have broad scope
Yet again our people are being used as a political football for Minister Price and her liberal colleges as they head to an election. Yes, housing and services for town camps has needed a review probably for some time however this review is all smoke and mirrors there is no substance to this review in fact is who will deliver this review the department responsible?
Tangentyere is an organisation that was set up and is governed by town campers. These are the people that should be charged with the responsibility for delivering housing services to town camps, but yet we continue to see governments erode the resources and funding to organisations like this because they are afraid of the power these organisations will have.

Phil, in a Braitling field getting crowded, never gives up
It raises the distinct possibility of a split in the progressive vote, too many people getting hungry for power which will result in Giles keeping his seat.
He must be loving the all these progressive candidates nominating for the 2016 election. Not that you could call Jane Clark progressive these days.
Let’s hope that the seat of Araluen doesn’t end up like this and we’re able to keep Steven Brown out of the Parliament.
Optional preferential could have devastating effects for the electorate.

Council row over netball stadium that may shrink
They are elected members, why is Brown trying to kept his fellow councillors in the dark about the proposed reduction in size.
What a waste of businesses time and money writing submissions for a tender proposal council didn’t want!

Rally racer puts CLP pedal to the metal
I’ve always said that Alice Springs should be handed over to the young people of Alice Springs to assist growing and shaping.
What is needed is dialogue, not consultation when it comes to our young people. They are our next leaders of the community they need opportunities to shape the discussion and the future of our town, to talk about what they think is important rather than only opportunities to respond to topics.
It’s refreshing to see some young local people getting involved in the community and political arenas regardless of their political preference, people like Jacinta Price, Jade Kudrenko and Chansey Paech have already shown what young people are capable of given the opportunities. Imagine if more young people were involved?

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