There is a considerable amount of medical waste which has …

Comment on Burn, not bury rubbish: Incinerator plan by Steve Brown.

There is a considerable amount of medical waste which has to be incinerated, presently we are paying others to do it for us, not only does it make economic sense to dispose of our own waste in my view it fulfills a moral responsibility.
Like most I have some reservations about incineration, I certainly wouldn’t like to see items that can reasonably be recycled incinerated.
However Darren assures us that this process produces no toxic fumes can be monitored for that assurance and reduces waste to 3% of its original volume that’s got to be a good thing doesn’t it?
Council is presently trying to secure more Land on which to deposit left over waste, surely the less area we fowl up with waste in an area very much at risk of leeching into our water supply the better the overall pollution risk.
So before reacting hysterically against this project let’s at least take a good look at the science behind it and make a balanced decision about which waste is suitable for one process or the other.
In the meantime Darren is to be congratulated for showing the kind of entrepreneurial spirit this town so desperately needs if it is ever going to extract itself from the endless cycle of bureaucracy and welfare dependence.
Good on you, Darren, I wish you every success.

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Burn, not bury rubbish: Incinerator plan
It appears to me Melanie that what your really sick to death of, or should I say threatened, or maybe even a tiny bit envious of, has nothing to do with the CLP.
Rather it is private enterprise, people having a go, people who aren’t wedded to the great cycle of dependency, people who have the capacity to do things for themselves without having to ask for “Funding”!
That’s actually how the real world operates, believe it or not, Melanie!
Don’t you think its good when one of our own [born and bred] makes good? Locals creating wealth? Creating employment for our kids in our town?
Perhaps you are just saying you’d rather dump your garbage on other peoples door steps, use good tax payer dollars to pay for it, while turning a blind eye to any moral responsibility for the outcome?
Personally I think, burn it here or burn it in there, it still goes into the atmosphere!
So why don’t we do the right thing take responsibility for our own garbage and keep the tax dollar at home, employ our own.
Melanie, every new project is subject to rigorous scrutiny through a very rigorous planning process.
Every aspect of its operation including structural operational, environmental and social impacts are looked at in detail before any go ahead is given.
If we have a problem here in the Territory it’s far too much scrutiny, not too little.
Our levels of scrutiny and regulation make us the most difficult place in the nation to get any kid of project off the ground.
You should know about that Melanie, that’s how Labor strangled our growth for so long!

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Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill: the nays have it 
@ Concerned Arrernte Man: If you were indeed a concerned Arrernte “man” you would use your real name, like a man, so that we locals know what your word is worth.
What I suspect is that you aren’t local at all. We are trying to put our town together not rip it apart, your intention is clearly the opposite.
Anzac Hill was sincerely and solemnly dedicated by TOs many years ago to the purpose which it serves respectfully to this day.
It was and remains a joint community effort, if indeed you are a Arrernte man you would do well to respect and to learn from the decisions of your elders.

‘Dangerous, alarming’ property tax strongly opposed by council
Yeh Evelyn I used those words so as not to go into a long winded conversation about the technicalities of Drilling for Gas as it has nothing to do with the conversation at hand… However I am extremely well aware of the dangers or otherwise of Drilling. I have drilled water bores myself and I have family in the exploration business who own their own Rigs. Horizontal Drilling has been in use for a long time it has been developed simply to save costs because you don’t have to drill as many vertical penetrations through the water bearing Aquifers as such it is actually a much safer less expensive method of extraction. Further to this my comment around safety of some forms of Fracking refers to Coal Seam Gas which I substantially oppose.

Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill: the nays have it 
It is important when dealing with issues that stir emotions and threaten to deepen the divides in our community that we remember and respect that we are One Nation called Australia. That we are a Democracy! We regard all our citizens as equals! In a democracy decisions fall in favour of the Majority, regardless of race, gender or religion.

Separate recognition is not respect! It is a continuation of, a deepening of, the Politics of Apartheid and Victimhood.
Nothing, but greater and greater division will come of it!
No good ever comes from Apartheid.
Only the institutionalised acceptance of lower standards and less expectation, for those on the wrong side of it.
Previously as a Councillor and Political Candidate I was approached time and time again by locals of Aboriginal background, Aussies who are sick to death of division who just want to get on with their lives just like the rest of us, stating that they do not want to see separate flags flying on Anzac Hill because that sends the message that they aren’t accepted as Australians.
I am also aware of Councillor DeBrenni and other efforts to consult widely on this front, checking the views of many locals Aboriginal and non-alike, making sure that their views are expressed clearly in Council.
Many local families don’t wish others to know their views as in a small town it can lead to family infighting as we have witnessed firsthand with a small group of locals attacking views expressed by Councillor Price. They rely heavily on their Elected Representatives to put forward their view and to stand up for them.
This whole flag flying issue was instigated by Labor MLA Chansey Paech its only intent to create disruption dissent and division its only intent to divert attention from his failure to stand up for our Community while once again it comes apart under a Labor Government.
The ladies who approached Council did so with a letter about respect reconciliation and working together. There was no mention whatsoever of flying flags, nor was it mentioned by Catherine Satour when presenting the letter. From events later in the evening it came to the fore that the letter was actually apart of an attack on Councillor Price because of her expressed views on the very things that should also be of great concern to these ladies.

‘Dangerous, alarming’ property tax strongly opposed by council
Evelyn, So easy to make throw away green propaganda statements without taking any responsibility for dealing with the consequences.
Firstly under many circumstances Fracking is perfectly safe!
We’ve been Fracking Conventional and Tight Gas wells for some fifty years. There is an established industry already operating in the Territory and many reliant on it, including for that matter nearly all the Territory’s power supplies!
Further if we stand in the way and don’t further develop our Gas Supplies as the rest of the country expects us to, there is a price to pay!
We are going to receive less GST!
After all why should the rest of Aus. who already have Fracking, support what you believe at their expense?
In response to this issue you are suggesting that we ask struggling Territorians to pay another level of Tax similar to a second lot of rates every year.
This, in a shrinking economy!
We are already struggling with affordability, Land Taxes will translate into higher rents and Higher costs all round.
I don’t think Territorians can or want to afford that. Especially given that much of the country already receives revenue from “Fracking”, which surprisingly enough, is why their eyebrows are somewhat raised in our direction.
So we might want to give it all a lot more thought than cheap throw away lines. Not that I’m saying Fracking is the only answer to our revenue issue, it certainly isn’t. We have a shrinking economy because it is being strangled by our Government suffocating any industry that offers potential growth and strangling the life from existing business. The real answer is actually to strangle Government and return to a private enterprise driven economy.

‘Dangerous, alarming’ property tax strongly opposed by council
The amounts I’ve heard quoted for the initial land tax are far in excess of $300 but even if they weren’t initially they pretty soon would be.
The Territory has a revenue problem alright. Why? For one reason only!
We have taken money supplied by other Australians to both develop the North to a point where it can take advantage of the simply enormous economic opportunity that surrounds it, and to improve the plight of our Aboriginal population via similar means.
Instead of that we have taken the massive extra funding we receive over and above other States and Territories and we’ve built a giant, cumbersome, enterprise stifling, parasitic bureaucracy!
This is to a point where any Federal attempt to fund development is like throwing the proverbial at a blanket – very very little gets to its intended destination.
The answer to our revenue issue isn’t more business and entrepreneurial activity stifling tax!
The answer is less tax.
Much, much smaller Government along with a huge cultural shift in the attitude of our capital that thinks it is OK to milk of funds and use them to provide lavish recreational facilities and lifestyle for the those that live in the capital while regions struggling with basic infrastructure can’t get their developments off the ground.
Yeh, we’ve got a problem alright!
The sooner the Feds enforce their enquiry into funding the sooner we will be able to do something about it.

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