@4 Marie: By your sarcastic tone I would’ve thought that …

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@4 Marie: By your sarcastic tone I would’ve thought that you understood my sarcasm.
For the record, despite my apparent lack of knowledge on Yirara, I do know that one out of 200 students flew in this term. The rest were driven in etc.
However, I agree that the teachers need to have experience in indigenous education but also need to have an understanding of the students.
I would hazard to guess these elusive teaching staff from last week’s little story are completely clueless on how to teach while catering to diversity. And if one of them is who I think it is, she failed to let the Alice Springs News Online know that her solution was to bring in elders from the community to flog the kids.
So it seems like Yirara did the right thing by not having those staff at the school anymore.
Yet here is Alice Springs News Online is presenting their word as fact.
If I taught at this school I would be applauding management for trying to give these kids their basic right to an education.
If my children behaved appallingly and went to a school that persisted in engaging my kids to learn and providing opportunities for change in behaviour, I would be eternally grateful.
[ED – We reported the views of our sources and gave the college extensive right of reply.]

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Get tough with unruly students: Former Yirara staff
So I see at least Erwin has cited his pics this time.
I want to know where this elusive plane is that gets sent to these students?
Last time I was at Yirara there was no landing strip there and to my knowledge there still isn’t.
If all motivation for students are removed they then have nothing to aim for.
And it is great to see the management of the school following what is presumably their EBA and not risking staff burnout by engaging boarding staff over their agreed hours.
Everyone is an expert, aren’t they.

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Yirara: Rebellion and failure or meeting a challenge?
It seems like Yirara dodged a bullet with these teachers.
All children have a right to an education and some of the comments these teachers have made are appalling and borderline on prejudism.
I would also like to know how those images were obtained, were talent release forms sought from the school to publish?
My guess is no.

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