Where is the public consultation? This oval is the only …

Comment on Alice on track for athletics by Anonymous.

Where is the public consultation? This oval is the only well used, quality and maintained area of public open space within about a 2km radius.
Many individuals and community groups use this area at all times of the day (AFL training, cricket and other impromptu ball games, flying kites, sitting quietly to read, eating a pizza and watching the sunset, school sports carnivals, dog walking and the list goes on).
Braitling Primary School relies on the student drop off area. The community has already lost access to the basketball courts, play equipment and cricket nets when a fence was erected around the Braitling Primary School.
This is one of the only areas in the north part of Braitling where there seems to be a sense of community (particularly after work on weekdays).
People use this area because all the other areas of public space in Braitling either aren’t big enough, are not maintained, do not have grass, feel unsafe (hidden from public view etc), do not have seating, car parking etc.
A quick look on Google Earth suggests that Gillen has at least four ovals – What are the Centralian Middle School ovals used for?
The people of Braitling and the wider Alice Springs community do not want to see this popular asset fenced off and not available as public open space.

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Also, this Planning Scheme Amendment application is currently on public exhibition.

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Was this one of the cars stolen from Congress? Why is there no police media release about this?

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Out for consultation at the moment are:
• NT Planning Commission’s Central Alice Springs Area Plan.
• A discussion paper on NT Planning System Reform.
• A discussion paper on Planning for a Vibrant Future.

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Gerard Kuyer Bridge (along South Terrace) was officially named / gazetted in 2016. http://www.ntlis.nt.gov.au/placenames/view.jsp?id=24739 there was a bit of media (Centralian Advocate) about it at the time.

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My recollection is that the shade structure over the basketball courts was built around the time of the economic stimulus package 2010/2011 (Building the Education Revolution).
All around Australian there is a legacy of these sorts of projects being rushed through. Keeps the builders in business.

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