Rhonda Diano oval … If you live on Eastside, you …

Comment on Alice on track for athletics by Maya.

Rhonda Diano oval … If you live on Eastside, you wouldn’t know.
It is a gem in the northern area of Braitling, where the whole community enjoys, at all hours of day, the open space, the view on the hills, the well maintained grass area, the coolness of summer evenings, the sport amenities available to “Little Athletics” and the Master Games.
Only there can dads take their kids for a run or cricket training, the area is already of Olympic size with eight lanes for the 400m, and all other track and field events.
And, as a gift to the less sport inclined, there is the pizza shop behind and plenty of sitting benches for lazy talks while dogs meet their canine friends.
In my 30 years experience in this town, this is the only park which is used happily by all with a feel of freedom and a non-discriminatory community spirit.
But Alice seems to have been hit by a disease: the need for protective enclosures!
Wherever you go there are fences, not even pretty cottage white picket fence, but high, solid steel, prohibiting, limiting.
Soon we’ll need an ID at the gate to have a run at sunset, and the rates will increase by more than 6% as fencing does not come cheap.
Please whatever the reasons, Braitling says Do Not Fence Diano Park! And remember, the Chief Minister is the MLA for Braitling.

Recent Comments by Maya

Fire management inadequate to non-existent: ALEC
The extravagant staging of the Field of Lights or Parrtjima may well add some short lived revenue to the NT Treasury, but the permanent destruction of the unique environment of the West (and East) MacDonnell Ranges will for ever deprive the NT of its secure long term source of attraction.
Action and adequate resources are needed now. Later will be already too late. Listen to the experts and think ahead.

Adelaide’s Indigenous gallery out of the starting blocks
It seems that constant contradiction and inconsistency have reached a point of no return in the NT. I loved Alice Springs and Central Australia for the last 34 years and still love it, but … I may move to Adelaide!

Billen’s family: Make telling hotel where you trek mandatory
Once again, the drama has occurred, with tears for some, and high cost for the rescuers and the taxpayer.
I am so sorry for the Billen family for having lost a loved one. Even a familiar bush walker in Germany is no reason to go off the beaten track in Australia.
It seems there is not enough awareness among people “visiting” the outback, that this region is not Europe.
It is attractive but the conditions are so different particularly in Summer time. Heat combined with dry air makes your skin unable to sweat to cool down, and your blood under the skin surface reached temp above the 37o and it actually “boils”, possibly to death!
REMEMBER: (to avoid a drama!)
• Tell where you intend to go and time you’ll be back.
• Do not go anywhere (not even for a walk) if the temperature is in the high 30s, certainly not in the 40s. Read a book, watch TV, plunge in the pool, write a poem, listen to music, but do not exercise.
• Drink 250ml water (a glassful) every hour even in mild weather, even in the winter months – carry at least one litre of water for a four hours trek.
• Keep on the indicated tracks. Rangers have made these tracks in order to show the proper way in and back. The scenery is treacherous, all trees look alike.
• At the beach “swim between the flags”. Beyond the flags you risk your life! In the bush keep on the tracks, outside is suicidal.
• If unwell, sit down and wait. Don’t try to walk back; preserve your energies.
More than pamphlets, make it visual: TV ads, videos running 24/7 to be watched by any new visitor booking in at hotels, hostels and caravan parks.
There are too many deaths that could be avoided. Raise awareness.

Custodians decline meeting with council on gallery
This much talked about NAAG is slipping away, like water that the NT Gov tried in vain to keep in their cupped hands… and Alice will lose out.

Human rights, centre stage
I rejoyce at the honour received by Jodie and Rainer. Long term perseverance in working daily for what we call social justice.
Social additional to plain justice to express that it implies justice for any social group which is discriminated against.
In this respect I advocate for learning more than one language.
To remain monolingual in a multicultural society is a contradiction in term.

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