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Alice on track for athletics
Could we ask our Chief Minister if he is aware of the NT processes involving a new sporting facility?! Because the process for the propose park, is back of front.
Hopefully the demise of Tony Abbot will make him realise that democracy = consultation.

Alice on track for athletics
Instead of using established parks, why not ask Aborigines’ communities if they would like some of their land being used for recreational / sporting purposes? After all our government was pushing for a radioactive dump on Aborigines’ land!
A sporting complex would be more appropriated and of good Public Relations.

Alice on track for athletics
Prompted by the concern of some residents on the project, I wrote to the council for clarification, as follows:
“I write as a concerned resident about the proposed closure of one of the park of Head St. This park would be for the use of a club only.
I heard the rumours and I would like an yes or no answer before I go further.”
The council replied:
“I’m not sure which park you are referring to. Council is currently looking at the possibility of installing a new athletics track at Rhonda Diano oval however this is only at the design and feasibility stage.
“If the project was to go ahead the facility would not be for exclusive use for any specific club, the facility would be for the Alice Springs community to use.”
Hopefully we will have an open public consultation before the project goes ahead, because I cannot see how the facility will be for all if it is fenced.

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Gallery: The Gunner spin goes on
Alice should have a cultural centre and let’s leave the art gallery to Adelaide.
Art been part of the culture, we will have both.
I fail to understand why Mr Gunner blames the Town Council. The Town Council is us the residents and ratepayers, and we said no to Anzac Oval. What is so hard to understand?

Thinking about Dreaming
Thank you, Dick. I hope this article will be followed by more, because it reflects and explains the roots of the Aboriginal culture.
We talk of art gallery, cultural center, but the majority of the residents of our town have no understanding of what it means to be an Aborigine.
It has been said about Bill Harney that he was the only white man who could think like an Aborigine. Whoever said that did not know you.

A student should have led the chants: Jimmy Cocking
@ Formerlocal4: I wrote: “Do not believe in the climate change action.” The word action makes all the difference.

Help from fracking campaigner, or manipulating students?
NEWS: Ms Pietsch was telling them what to say and how to say it and how often to say it. She is guiding them. She was giving instructions to the supposedly independent student protesters.
OK, but if no-one had led the chant it would have been a cacophony and whingers would have said: “Could this have been organised better?”

A student should have led the chants: Jimmy Cocking
It is not worth getting your knickers in the knot for this.
The people who do not believe in the climate change action would have found something else to diminish the value of the protest.
Personally it would have been better to have the protest after school or on a week-end to demonstrate that young people are willing to give their time for what they believe in.

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