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Joyce it is dumbarse not dumbass, that is a stupid donkey!

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Spread renewables, government asked
Covering the commercial car parks in town with solar panels would have a triple benefit, producing electricity for the shopping centre tenants, shade for the cars, and reducing the stored heat load within the town. Unfortunately we might have to do something to make them safe from vandalism first.
There are several interesting emerging technologies for energy storage. Vanadium batteries are already in use, eg on King Island to store wind-generated power.
A lithium battery is already planned for the local grid; and molten silicon is being trialled in Adelaide. It is especially suitable in a situation where there is a need for large amounts of heat, for example industrial laundries or other operations currently using gas for water heating.

Cops with assault rifles footage six years old
@ Hal Duell: Hal, the royalties are paid to Aboriginal corporations with strict rules about who gets money and what they can spend it on. As far as I know recompense would be outside the rules.
Besides, if the kids came from a community, say The Gap, would the residents want to be sharing the responsibility for their behaviours? And why is that different?
We need to be finding ways to intervene in the kids’s lives earlier.

Government breaches faith over CM appointment
@ Toby: Is “indigenous” already a tainted adjective? I thought it had come into common use to acknowledge the other aboriginal people of Australia, who tended to be forgotten when “Aboriginal” became a capitalised proper noun, to indicate the non-Torres Strait Islander original peoples, and avoid the temptation to use the “ATSI” which seems a disrespectful way to refer to our First Nations.
Perhaps some of your local Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander readers can provide some guidance on the names they prefer to be called by.

Territory Generation rejects claims by electricity union
First, thanks to the Alice Springs News Online for taking this topic on board, and allowing both parties to state their case.
The decision to purchase of battery storage is good news, however I am left wondering why they have gone for the lithium ion batteries used by Vector, rather than using vanadium redox technology.
My understanding is that lithium ion batteries have a limited life, probably of about five years with daily discharge and recharge cycles, and are relatively more expensive to scale up when increased capacity is needed. Vanadium batteries use tanks of vanadium electrolyte to store energy, and capacity can be increased by adding additional tanks to the installation.
Perhaps through the Alice News we could also have an explanation from Territory Generation as to the rationale for their choice?

Electricity union predicts more blackouts
I wish the ETU well with trying to sort this one out! It does sound as though there is a commonality of interest with us electricity consumers.
The cloud cover problem is obviously a significant one for Alice Springs, with summer storms being a frequent event when there is peak electricity use for airconditioning.
One wonders if any consideration has been given to distributed battery storage to go with distributed electricity production? That could be domestic level batteries which can be controlled remotely, as in this South Australian trial:

South Australia launches biggest solar + storage trial to defray network costs

Is there anyone here who can give us some numbers for or against the idea?
It seems monumentally wasteful to be running a generator on gas for the sake of standby power.

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