All responsible media identify and protect their sources. Unfortunately the use …

Comment on Bush jobs for dole: 26 weeks, 25 hours per week by Paul Parker.

All responsible media identify and protect their sources.
Unfortunately the use of an alias is essential to avoid the vindictive abuse of power.
Such abuse of power requires and deserves coverage.
Royal Commissions frequently require anonymity to obtain the evidence and the public discussion often with such anonymity to obtain political, administrative,legislative and public attention to fix problems.
Most such problems clearly tolerated at management and legislative levels until sufficient public attention, even outrage demanding improvements are clear.
The government funded “Indigenous” industry more about milking problems than resolving them.

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Bush jobs for dole: 26 weeks, 25 hours per week
To resolve lack of employment in communities reasonable leases for homes and businesses must be provided.
Such leases are effectively NOT provided.
While “Traditional Owners” as shareholders of Land Trusts continue refusals to issue reasonable leases, little will change.
Commonwealth needs amend the Aboriginal Landrights Act (NT) to require conventional leases being issued.
Refusal to require leases maintains apartheid.
Until then Land Trusts and “Traditional Owner” shareholders need be fully accountable and responsible to provide ALL services within their private property communities.
Commonwealth needs to start suing the Land Trusts for failure to maintain basic standards in housing.
Commonwealth needs cease public funding, except where providing same assistance to other private landowners.
Commonwealth appointed Land Councils to be the real estate agents for the Land Trusts.
Corporate Land Trusts need to act with advice from their statutory agent Land Councils.
Both Land Trusts and Land Council’s need be held accountable for consequences arising from their decisions.
Land Trusts
– – – Extract – Start – – –
Legal status of Land Trust
(3) A Land Trust:
(a) is a body corporate, with perpetual succession;
(b) shall have a common seal;
(c) subject to this Part, may acquire, hold and dispose of real and personal property; and
(d) may sue and be sued in its corporate name.
– – – Extract – End – – –
Commonwealth needs to sue Land Trusts and Land Councils where they deny rights their tenants otherwise hold as Australians.
Commonwealth needs cease its ongoing refusal of legal aid which prevents Land Trusts and Land Councils being sued on these issues.
Instead the Commonwealth plots another constitutional amendment to defend and support their claimed right to qualify our rights and responsibilities as Australians by racial tagging.

Bush jobs for dole: 26 weeks, 25 hours per week
The corporate Land Trusts own their land, thus also own buildings and houses constructed upon their land. Commonwealth’s Aboriginal Land Rights (NT) legislation has enabled them to escape accountability.
As NOT so responsible land-owners ALR(NT) corporate land-lords fail to maintain their housing to the same standards required from other land-owners and landlord agents around the nation including Alice Springs.
Other land-owners, agents, also risk loss of income, loss of their land, their homes, their businesses, even loss of liberty, in available penalties for various neglects.
The ALR(NT) land-lords risk nothing. They, too, need to risk loss to ensure their houses and buildings are properly maintained.
Not so responsible ALR(NT) corporate landlords’ ongoing refusals to provide conventional tenancy leases remains a tactic to avoid accepting responsibility to maintain their houses and buildings.
Commonwealth Intervention attempted to enforce leases being issued, Commonwealth failed to amend the ALR(NT) to require conventional tenancy leases be issued.
Commonwealth government maintains its neglect of these tenants’ rights thus shares responsibility.
Conventional tenancy leases deny landlords the right to segregate families on racial and other grounds, including the ALR(NT) Land Trusts practicing apartheid.
To most it is clear reasonable tenancy leases, with risk of loss, enable and produce more businesses, more employment opportunities, with generally better standards of housing, tenants and communities.

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The NT needs to be re-united with South Australia to enable better management and self-government.

Aboriginal gallery: rushed business case yet immediate start?
Re Matthew Langan Posted December 4, 2018 at 7:49am.
Grog remains a symptom of ongoing failures in health, housing, education and employment across Central Australia. These are direct results from the Commonwealth’s ongoing managed racist apartheid approach to public policy.
There is ongoing harm to Australia’s wider cultural history and families in Central Australia.
Australian voters in 1967 clearly declared Commonwealth’s racist apartheid approach had no place in Australia.

Former gallery advisor scathing about its planners
Shame that Australia has so many politicians believing is important they waste tax-payers monies so they feel useful.
They fail to understand importance attached to real public discussion, bringing wider community together to support programs they all will feel committed to.
A community working together can cost less than numerous consultants trying to second guess needs of both community and their paymasters.

Black money
James T Smerk Re: Posted November 26, 2018 at 1:06 pm
The Commonwealth, rather than seriously address significant disadvantage issues, consistently practices and promotes racism by its concentrated use of racial filters.
Either persons in need satisfy clear needs criteria without requiring their racial identification, or the policy is racist.


No cops, no clinics
Alex Nelson Re: Posted December 1, 2018 at 12:48 pm
Care to identify some remarkably consistent patterns ?
Most easily to accept are possible various disruptions of services in regional / remote communities may be part of a deliberate policy to move a population.
Many suspect governments make considerable effort to avoid providing details, which reinforces conspiracy theories.
Frequently there are other reasons, like late submissions, essential details missing.
Like most assumptions, to actually prove them requires far more detail, which requires more open governments.

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