Any update on the Sales office due to be constructed …

Comment on EXCLUSIVE: Melanka money in hand, start early next year by Michael Dean.

Any update on the Sales office due to be constructed on the site? I know Christmas is three weeks away, but nothing seems to be happening there.
Also, has the Alice Springs News Online been given the list of trees to be retained? And has this been shown to the various groups representing the traditional owners yet?

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Who woke Warren up?!?

More government handouts for alcohol traders
I’m led to believe the Government’s Bizsecure program was too onerous regarding paperwork that few took it up. That’s why no new money was allocated for this initiative. They are using left over money allocations from bizsecure. Happy to be corrected.

Police looking for escaped prisoner
Not another one …

Kids behind razor wire, rural land misuse, gallery fiasco & more
Since I have been broken into three times and fended off two attempts in the last 10 months, they can’t build the fences high enough in my opinion. Razor wire … bring it on.

Aboriginal gallery is bound to have a stone wall
Central and southern NT will punish this government badly come the next election, I suspect.

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