We are soon to see another charade regarding “Independents” played …

Comment on Greatorex gets the flick by Chalky Cheese.

We are soon to see another charade regarding “Independents” played out at the next election.
When the Member for Braitling, Lorraine Braham, got the flick from the CLP under Burke, there were outpourings of outrage resulting in Braham retaining the seat of Braitling.
As an Independent she achieved zilch, zero for Alice Springs, as Independents can achieve very little where up against two team players that are the CLP and Territory Labor.
I hope both the CLP and Labor field very strong candidates for the seat of Araluen as we need proper representation in a Darwin dominated parliament.
Of cause all those who wish Adam Giles’ political demise, just remember – this is the first and probably last time Alice Springs will EVER have true representation in the NT government. It will go back to Darwin domination forever after the next election when the CLP loses – so be careful what you wish for.

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