Steve left the party in somewhat acrimonious circumstances. Has …

Comment on CLP pre-selects Steve Brown for Araluen by Harold Albotross.

Steve left the party in somewhat acrimonious circumstances. Has recently been very positive towards Government. Whispers suggest he campaigned for the most recent Councillors elected to Council. And now he’s completely back in the fold.

Strange party is the local branch of the CLP.

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“Admission” by Jemena: pipeline for export gas
Really just firing arrows at lightning here. You don’t need to be a futurist to see that the ever increasing quantity of energy hungry humans across the globe will eventually extinguish every finite fuel source available.
The world will eventually become emission free, but not until we’ve burned our last lump of coal or done whatever it is we do with uranium.
Has anyone else ever wondered why people were building towns / cities underwater a couple of thousand years ago? Was scuba gear more readily available then?

Cr Melky to cane Cr Brown over pre-selection
So, standing aside as Deputy Mayor during the Xmas break is unnecessary? Not much to it, apart from your cash eh?
Show something resembling integrity and stand aside.
Obviously this won’t happen because there’s far too much to be gained personally. Good for you Steve. Representing the present incarnation of the CLP with aplomb.

Fracking: independent risk assessment desirable
I wonder what the MSDS for chlorine would tell us.

Catholics fire new broadside at Giles over fracking
There’s something about being lectured to by the Catholic machine that I find hard to stomach. I’m not sure what it is though.

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