Democracy in action, a bit of argy bargy and back …

Comment on CLP pre-selects Steve Brown for Araluen by Ian Sharp.

Democracy in action, a bit of argy bargy and back and forth, but no grenades or bullets.
Let’s celebrate it.
Steve wouldn’t get my vote, I’d hate to see become Minister for the Environment!
But good on him for standing and giving people a choice.
We need more people to take an active interest in politics and be prepared to put their hand up.
I would love to see Daniel Davis have a go for the Conservative side, maybe next time around?

Recent Comments by Ian Sharp

Elkedra jackaroo: station life in the 1950s
Another great read from the Alice Springs News Online. Takes us back to a different world.

‘Bring back school based constables’
I remember joining the staff at Alice Springs Highschool in ’86 and being surprised to find there was a school cop.
We had a couple of good ones, including Kym Davies, did a lot for the kids, including a boating expedition on the Roper. And kept the staff in line too.

Genocide in Australia – unthinkable?
Well said John Bell. I look forward to reading Tatz’s book now.

International flights to Alice would lower fares
I think there are tight restrictions imposed by international treaties that make this difficult. Also a problem in the US as detailed in a 2014 article which outlines some of the hurdles.

Liquor Commission: Lawyer, social worker represent Alice
Well said Alex Nelson, Russell and Blair are great additions to the Liquor Commission.

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