Did the government consider a concentrated solar power (CSP) plant …

Comment on Too much sun power in Alice? by Alex Hope.

Did the government consider a concentrated solar power (CSP) plant before deciding on piston engines to power the new generators?
Such a plant uses the solar energy to produce heat either in steam or molten salt, the heat stored can be used for a variable period (depending on design) to allow for cloud. There is one set of turbines, but as an alternative to solar heating natural gas can be used in the event of prolonged periods of cloud ( or volcanic ash etc).
Such plants have operated in the US for quite a few years now.
For the sake of transparency in decision making on behalf of the public it would be good to see the documentation used to guide the government in making this decision.

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NBN: Higher cost for less speed in Lingiari
Whatever happened to the universal service obligation which has always been imposed on Telstra (and which they honoured until privatisation, witness the optic fibre from the Stuart Highway through the the APY lands which was heading for Perth).
It stopped at Papalankutja / Blackstone when privatisation happened.
Have the ALP made a commitment to reintroduce this obligation for the NBN?

Thumbs down for dongas depot at Ilparpa
A victory for common sense and the application of the spirit of the rural zoning.
Now, what happens about all the other rural blocks where casual observation and common sense is enough to tell us they are being used industrially?

Town Council riven by conflict, lack of leadership
Party politics have always been a part of the town council, and to pretend otherwise because the allegiances are not in the open is to fool yourself.
It would be much easier for all if the allegiances were declared.
What is interesting in this Council is that for once the CLP-aligned members are being given a run for their money!

No ‘comprehensive business case’ yet for gallery
It is good to hear that long after deciding this is a good idea, the government is examining the business case for the proposal.
This process is the same as their “consultation”:-
1: Make up your mind first on the basis of your gut feeling.
2: Go out and try to persuade people who are being consulted about your decision when really you are telling them what a wonderful decsion you have made on their behalf and there there is no way you are going to change it.
3: Avoid making any rigorous analysis of the pros and cons of the other options, or even your preferred one.
Welcome to business as usual in the NT.
It doesn’t seem to matter which party is in power, the process is the same.
The idea of gathering evidence, then looking at it dispaasionately with a transparent process and coming to a decsion which is supported by it (AKA “evidence-based public policy”) seems to be too radical for any government to support.
And they say we get the government we deserve … oh dear!
And of course the biggest irony in this whole schemozzle is that this “National INDIGENOUS Art Gallery” proposal is being developed without the involvement, let alone the approval, of the traditional owners of the proposed site.

Gallery at Anzac consult: council hurries to meet govt deadline
1: I endorse Mr Shiell’s point above, and remind the reader that neither the Aboriginal-majority advisory committee nor the government seem to have consulted, let alone listened to, the traditional owners of Mpartnwe. This would be a very sad irony when we are talking about creating a new national institution to celebrate indigenous culture!
2: How come the site to the East of Yarrenyty Arltere Town Camp (Larapinta Valley) is suddenly available for a rugby oval, when it was ruled out as a suitable site for the Steiner School by the planners and the then minister (Sid Stirling) when they were being evicted by Araluen and desperate for a grant of public land as all other non government primary schools in the NT had obtained previously. Have the planners now been railroaded by their political mistresses?
3: When will we see a discussion paper setting out the pros and cons for the different sites, with estimated social and financial costs and benefits for each. It is hard to have a sensible discussion without the basis provided by such a document.

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