Did the government consider a concentrated solar power (CSP) plant …

Comment on Too much sun power in Alice? by Alex Hope.

Did the government consider a concentrated solar power (CSP) plant before deciding on piston engines to power the new generators?
Such a plant uses the solar energy to produce heat either in steam or molten salt, the heat stored can be used for a variable period (depending on design) to allow for cloud. There is one set of turbines, but as an alternative to solar heating natural gas can be used in the event of prolonged periods of cloud ( or volcanic ash etc).
Such plants have operated in the US for quite a few years now.
For the sake of transparency in decision making on behalf of the public it would be good to see the documentation used to guide the government in making this decision.

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Planning an Aboriginal art centre without Aboriginal people
I have been waiting all year to hear what Doris Stuart had to say on the matter, as the senior member of the family that speaks for the site.
Thank you to her and the Alice Springs News Online for the report.
How shameful that it seems that neither the NT Government nor the advisory committee with an Aboriginal majority took the fundamental step of consulting with Ms Stuart.
And if anyone doubts her goodwill towards the town, let us remember that as an act of practical reconciliation she facilitated the sacrifice of an Arrernte stone from a local sacred site, so that the one stolen from Karlu Karlu (Devils Marbles) and placed on Flynn’s memorial could be returned where it belonged.

Council shoots Anzac precinct gallery down in flames
Absurdity piled on absurdity.
First we have a government, proposing to build an Indigenous art gallery without reference to the Aboriginal custodians of the land they propose to use, and furthermore with apparently no consideration of how they might gain a consensus from the hundreds of groups of Indigenous people across the nation so as to give the “national” tag some credibility.
Secondly we have the absurdity of trying to force the local council to come on board and accept a site which is not only unacceptable to the traditional owners, but also to a large but as yet unknown properly ascertained proportion of ratepayers; which has also been chosen on the basis of dubious reasoning.
How long can this schemozzle keep running?

A whirlwind of stuff
A pity I missed that lawn sale…

Government deception clouds gallery debate
I am hoping that all the high school maths teachers in town will use these surveys in class as an example of the use and misuse of statistics.
In terms of purporting to give a genuine picture of the view of the majority of local residents, both surveys are seriously flawed.
The way the NT Government survey was reported in the Advocate is so misleading as to be laughable.
Considering the amount of money being spent here, would it not have been more sensible to engage an appropriate polling organisation to conduct a proper random survey to give a reliable answer?
But of course that would break one of Sir Humphrey’s rules of government: Never conduct a survey or commission a report unless you know in advance what the outcome will be.

National Aboriginal gallery: Town Council’s action clear as mud
I say it again: What credibility will a national Aboriginal art gallery have without a consensus from Aboriginal people about the site?

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