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Comment on More hide and seek with de Castella’s marathon funding by John Bell.

Graham Tjilpi: Your efforts to assist Aboriginal kids with your cycling venture is quite remarkable. Your initiative deserves far greater publicity as a privately funded project on a shoestring budget.
Deek also told me in 2009 and 2010 that his Indigenous Marathon Project was in a shoestring budget – but I now know the truth.
In comparison, Deek’s Indigenous Marathon Project, which is based in Deek’s charity’s offices in Canberra, has been funded since 2009 to the tune of nearly $3m by the Commonwealth government and is publicly promoted by the Department of Health and politicians such as Opposition Shadow Finance Minister Andrew Leigh.
With this level of support for a high profile public figure such as Deek in a project that offers the Big Apple as a most attractive prize for any young person, you are pedalling uphill in the bush to gain just recognition for a project whose similar objectives are just as worthy and with similar key performance indicators.
As the New Year is about to dawn, I wish you all the very best in your project endeavour in 2017. It is a real pity that your initiative does not get a fraction of the publicity Down South in The Big Smoke that it deserves.

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More hide and seek with de Castella’s marathon funding
Dear Erwin, Thank you for publishing facts that have remained hidden by the relevant authorities for years.
I would also point out that the $80,000 I am seeking consists of remuneration that Deek denied getting from the government to pay me for my role as project coach.
I worked 505 days being told we were on a “shoestring budget” with no money to pay me. I accepted that in good faith, because I loved working with the Aboriginal community in this project.
It was only when Deek sacked me without pay in very sensitive and hurtful circumstances that I subsequently discovered the $80,000 under FOI from the Government.
For five years Deek has successfully cast me as the villain to a Camberra tribunal, paying his legal costs from project grant funds, telling the tribunal he had an agreement with Health to do so. A secret audit report in 2012 now suggests that he did not have any such approval.
But Deek persuaded the tribunal that the money he had to use for legal fees was money that would have gone to the athletes, and that I had deliberately “set out to undermine his work and the value of the Indigenous Marathon Project”.
The Tribunal Senior Member subsequently awarded costs against me to Deek, who is now seeking $88,000 from the Supreme Court.
The Tribunal Member is also a family friend of Deek and invited him and his family to catch up socially in Canberra during the hearing proceedings.
The Senior Member also accepted Deek’s allegation that I am a racist.
That is the most hurtful of all.
Anyway, that’s life. Canberra loves Deek. I had no chance to get the truth out. Your courageous reporting helps me to sleep a bit better night.
My family and I thank you, Erwin. From my heart. You are a good man.

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Heatwaves need to be treated as emergencies: Cr Cocking
@ Domenico. So many people whom you loosely call “deniers” agree with you that action is to be taken to reduce pollution yet disagree strongly with you and those who are loosely termed “alarmists” on the anthropogenic percentage cause of impending catastrophic global warming. And on how to deal with the problem. So both sides are tired of arguing.
However, all scientific argy bargy and arguments of methodology aside, there are serious ethical issues in the debate on catastrophic global warming that will not go away or be silenced.
A major ethical issue for me is this question: How can any alarmist in government or oppositiin or in the general public morally justify the continued sale of fossil fuel coal to other countries?
It seems to be hypocrisy writ large to me.

I never found my mother
Millie and John. Just in case you may have lost touch with Gordon and Norma.
They moved from Canberra when Gordon retired and shifted to Mosquito Bay on the NSW South Coast several years ago.

House break-ins more than double
The increase in house break-ins is a trend not just in Alice, but in Melbourne and elsewhere around the country.
It is an invasion of privacy that frightens most people and destroys public confidence.
Could this growing phenomenon be partly because of the fact that social media has broken down the old standards of personal privacy in the community?
If young people can so easily say and post just about anything to bully in a public media forum, then it stands to reason that their respect for the privacy of others must gradually be eroded.
The only way to teach them respect is to show them the suffering their invasion causes.
If that does not work, then payback becomes an option that is gathering momentum in a community that is frightened by the failure of the authorities to deal with it.

The stolen child who went to university
Worked with Joe Croft in DAA in Canberra.
Crofty was a goodhearted bloke and he listened to what everyone had to to say.
That struck me about Crofty. He was a great listener.

Heatwaves need to be treated as emergencies: Cr Cocking
@ Ali Corcoran: “The power of arguing from an evidence base–for which anthropogenic causation is overwhelming. Having an ‘entitled’ belief does not make that belief correct in the real, non-flat-earth, world.”
To put King or Queen Canute into perspective.
Four centuries ago, the overwhelming consensus was that earth was, indeed, flat. The “real world” of the day. Then along came Galileo.
In the same vein when overwhelming argument was that the sun revolved around the earth, along came Copernicus.
In essence, the Canute story is an analogy for mankind’s assumed superior knowledge over nature.
To say that man’s ever-refutable consensus evidence proves man’s superior influence over nature is open to challenge.
That is not only Jacinta’s right. The history of eminent precedent tends to make her position highly credible.

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