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Comment on More hide and seek with de Castella’s marathon funding by John Bell.

Graham Tjilpi: Your efforts to assist Aboriginal kids with your cycling venture is quite remarkable. Your initiative deserves far greater publicity as a privately funded project on a shoestring budget.
Deek also told me in 2009 and 2010 that his Indigenous Marathon Project was in a shoestring budget – but I now know the truth.
In comparison, Deek’s Indigenous Marathon Project, which is based in Deek’s charity’s offices in Canberra, has been funded since 2009 to the tune of nearly $3m by the Commonwealth government and is publicly promoted by the Department of Health and politicians such as Opposition Shadow Finance Minister Andrew Leigh.
With this level of support for a high profile public figure such as Deek in a project that offers the Big Apple as a most attractive prize for any young person, you are pedalling uphill in the bush to gain just recognition for a project whose similar objectives are just as worthy and with similar key performance indicators.
As the New Year is about to dawn, I wish you all the very best in your project endeavour in 2017. It is a real pity that your initiative does not get a fraction of the publicity Down South in The Big Smoke that it deserves.

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More hide and seek with de Castella’s marathon funding
Dear Erwin, Thank you for publishing facts that have remained hidden by the relevant authorities for years.
I would also point out that the $80,000 I am seeking consists of remuneration that Deek denied getting from the government to pay me for my role as project coach.
I worked 505 days being told we were on a “shoestring budget” with no money to pay me. I accepted that in good faith, because I loved working with the Aboriginal community in this project.
It was only when Deek sacked me without pay in very sensitive and hurtful circumstances that I subsequently discovered the $80,000 under FOI from the Government.
For five years Deek has successfully cast me as the villain to a Camberra tribunal, paying his legal costs from project grant funds, telling the tribunal he had an agreement with Health to do so. A secret audit report in 2012 now suggests that he did not have any such approval.
But Deek persuaded the tribunal that the money he had to use for legal fees was money that would have gone to the athletes, and that I had deliberately “set out to undermine his work and the value of the Indigenous Marathon Project”.
The Tribunal Senior Member subsequently awarded costs against me to Deek, who is now seeking $88,000 from the Supreme Court.
The Tribunal Member is also a family friend of Deek and invited him and his family to catch up socially in Canberra during the hearing proceedings.
The Senior Member also accepted Deek’s allegation that I am a racist.
That is the most hurtful of all.
Anyway, that’s life. Canberra loves Deek. I had no chance to get the truth out. Your courageous reporting helps me to sleep a bit better night.
My family and I thank you, Erwin. From my heart. You are a good man.

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Anger mounting over closing of Rock climb
@ Ann Hatzimihail: You have nailed it! “Sad world we live in, so structured and strictured.”
You describe perfectly the new Nanny State everywhere rising now in Australian society.
And the irony is that those who are putting this Nanny State in place are railing against what they say are the old structures and strictures.

Remove religious exemption, says COGSO
Tabby. As you are no doubt aware, Henry Parkes banned religion from public schools before Federation. Made it secular without any democratic vote.
Christian and Jewish religion influence in kids’ lives has always been marginalised by the state, so they had to start and fund their own schools as well as pay public school upkeep taxes for 60 years until Bob Menzies gave them a fair go.
Christian and Jewish schools do not target or bully or expel gay kids who choose to go there. But they do wish to have protected their right to teach Christian and Jewish beliefs.
Christian and Jewish schools copped it in the neck from anti-religious state education authorities for many years but continue to provide a wonderful support service to supplement the government school system.
Be fair, Tabby. We don’t target gay kids. We accept them as equal souls in the eye of God. I am 72 and I was always taught that in Catholic schools.
It is the state secular system that has marginalised us including my Jewish friends.
By the way, what is your position on Muslim schools? Dare to tackle that one publicly?

1 Territory too fixed on opposition to fracking: Lambley
@ Alex Nelson: Your view of the optimism of the McMahon era is appreciated. I went to Alice in 1967 within weeks of Harold Holt’s referendum.
I was there when Whitlam came to power.
There came a different type of optimism that brought with it massive influx of “sit down money”, grog, drugs, a huge human rights push (RDA of 1975) and a push for self-government that grew.
Federal politics radically changed – was reversed – from Holt to McMahon to Whitlam. The “progressive” tide of money and anti-discrimination was unstoppable.
The NT has always been shaped by Federal politics.
Whatever optimism there was once under conservative government, changing politics created serious social issues, demanding responsible self-government in these terribly uncertain times.
Federal or outside interference cannot be trusted.
Historical facts cannot be revisited to change what is in place today.

Happy Birthday, Auntie, and good luck for the next 70.
Brashy is a legend. Gave great air time to the promotion of the Santa Teresa Fun Run 21 Feb 2010 that made the Indigenous Marathon Project a goer.
Brashy even came out and competed on the day. A respectable run performance too. A great positive radio voice for the Alice. Happy birthday Brashy. You don’t look 70!

1 Territory too fixed on opposition to fracking: Lambley
@ Alex Nelson. I believe that the geographical isolation of remote NT communities is a deciding factor in supporting a self government structure with its base in the capital city of Darwin.
It promotes a spirit of community inclusiveness with access to accountable elected decision makers who are homegrown, rather than under the control of interstate forces.
For example, the fast developing NT economy needs local Territory policy.
Another example is the need to understand the inclusion difficulties of isolated communities with different cultural backgrounds. I would not trust control of these areas of community concern to “offshore” states.

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