We are grateful to the Alice Springs News for their …

Comment on Pine Gap: Snowden and Snowdon by Alex Kelly.

We are grateful to the Alice Springs News for their coverage of the festival and certainly do plan to present Something Somewhere again in 2017.
We approached local experts to be “Community respondents” after all of our films, other than ones where the directors or producers were available to do Q&As.
None of our post screening discussions involved audience questions and we were mindful of not letting them run too long given film lengths.
The idea of these discussions was to enable local reflection, to spark debate and share info with audiences about ways to get more information – such as the IPAN conference and the Close Pine Gap protests.
We didn’t feel that a long discussion in Araluen from 9.40pm on a Sunday evening was the best forum to dig deeper in to the impacts and issues of Pine Gap and think the IPAN conference will be a great forum for this.
We hope that the festival has encouraged discussion and debate on a range of topics and look forward to programming another event in 2017.
We welcome feedback so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Thanks!

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