Its easy to take and use someone who has passed …

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Its easy to take and use someone who has passed away words in a context to suit your own ends.
Perhaps the late Mr Rubuntja meant we are all part of it, the story for a this country, and so we should respect those stories.
As I understand it the dog story is about respect. An intruder dog comes in trying to claim territory and take over, causes all sorts of trouble and strife, but ultimately is ripped by the local and you can see his guts spread over the floor of Larapinta Valley.
The basics of the story are explained in the book made by Mparntwe families “A town like Mparntwe”. Seems like Ms Price and AGB events as directed by someone in Darwin are acting like that intruder dog.
Stolen the country already now trying to take over the culture. Be careful dears.
And the Arrernte people already have much to be proud of. Denigrating or debasing their culture won’t be added to that list.

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Alice Festival of Light coming out of the dark
Apmereke-artweye would question the rights of Lhere Artepe to talk for country. Many at Lhere Artepe have a tenuous connection to Mparntwe. I believe they are meant to discuss matters, advise perhaps, but the final say must be with the apmereke-artweye.
I’ve seen the CEO chase apmereke-artweye out of their foyer when they were just using the space to get out of the heat to make a phone call on a private phone. No respect.
I’ve seen the minister laughing at the dysfunction at Lhere Artepe, knowing that this dysfunction serves the aims of government and developers to damage sites and our precious cultural heritage.

Alice Festival of Light coming out of the dark
Kwetungurle means its your mother’s father’s country. Doesn’t matter where you were born. It means your mother was ampereke-artweye her fathers fathers country. You need to be the right skin for this country, mparntwe and be descended from the original mparntwe-arenye families. There are not very many people with the right to call themselves ampereke-artweye or kwetungurle. This light show mob didn’t consult or didn’t consult with respect.

Alice Festival of Light coming out of the dark
So Jacinta has the job of liaising with local Arrernte people and uses the words of the late Mr Rubuntja’s out of context to justify the show.
Mr Rubuntja wasn’t a mparntwe-arenye person but of course very respected and knowledgeable.
Seems that if he was still alive Jacinta would think he was worth consulting with.
There is another man also very knowledgeable and respected, Mr Rubuntja’s son, has she consulted with him? I think not. Perhaps because he is alive he might be able to disagree with her.

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Distant pools reflect the sun
Earth and Sky, and the colours run
Butterfly backstroke horizon deep
You’re already in now try to keep
The silence loud in the salt

Kangaroo like a motorcar
Someone left in a hurry but never got far
Doors ripped off on the side of the road
Headlight broken bone exposed
And scattered and torn with my heart bursting out of my sleeve

Silhouetted on the side of a mountain
Or dancing semaphore out in the dunes
You cut a good line between the red and the blue

Drawn in sand and written in stone
Flesh and blood, feather and bone
When at last you came to sleep
Body tossed in blue so deep
And delicately placed upon the papery shore

A red stilleto pierces the salt
A flock of budgies mid-flight halt
Left washing hanging in the breeze
Something cooking in the deep freeze
I know you’re dancing with the Coolibah trees

Sillhouted on the side of a mountain
Or dancing semaphore out in the dunes
You cut a good line between the red and the blue

It’s a beautiful day
Lovely clouds today
So blue today
I could cry today.

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