Go hard, Braedon. Snowdon has run his race and has …

Comment on 1Territory president to contest Lingiari by Colin Mellon.

Go hard, Braedon. Snowdon has run his race and has and has not made any tangible inroads for Territorians in that electorate for many, many years and he is well past his use by date.
His days of having his snout in the trough are over.

Recent Comments by Colin Mellon

New party takes swipe at Giles, outlines policies
John is clutching at straws. The only element of fact in his comment is that there are four disgruntled members.
The rest of his contribution is garbage and should be treated with the contempt that it deserves.
He should wait a while and see for himself what 1 Territory is capable of doing.
I have known Braedon Earley for all of his adult life and much of his formative years.
He is a person of integrity and is absolutely trustworthy and his presence at the coalface of this party will also attract that regimen.
All that will come to the fore in coming months.

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