After having my car window smashed for probably the 6th …

Comment on CCTV black spot in Todd Mall? by Stats and Polls.

After having my car window smashed for probably the 6th time for two to three years running, six months ago I decided against replacing it.
Like clockwork I now have a situation whereby every second night my car is rifled through and the contents of the glove box emptied onto seat.
Sometimes I leave 50 cents in the dash tray just to hope that they won’t keep emptying my glove box and making me clean up their mess.
Oh well, better than a car full of smashed glass and another bill at the glass repair shop.
Which brings me to my point, I wonder if the Alice Springs News Online could do some investigative number collecting and see what the glass repair shops have to say about business trends.

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Booze rehab funding falls short
Where is Nigel Scullion? This speaks volumes about the CLP’s ability to influence Canberra and to make stuff happen when and where it is most needed.
Yes, CAAAPU needed to get its affairs in order, but now let’s get the system back on track.
Prison is not the answer for alcoholism in the vast majority of cases! And surely the costs are commensurate with residential rehabilitation?
What is the NT’s ‘closing the gap’ bonus money getting spent on exactly?
Some broad figures about successful rehabilition would be good here, Erwin.

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