@ Chandra: Contrary to your claim horizontal hydraulic fracturing …

Comment on Generous Giles? Not. by Bruce Francais.

@ Chandra: Contrary to your claim horizontal hydraulic fracturing is not an old safe mining process.
It was first used in the US in the mid 1990s and then in Australia in 2011.
Many overseas countries have banned it because of the risks involved.
With respect to radical fringe groups riding roughshod over an incoming Labor Government to inflict damage on an industry, the present administration is riding roughshod over Territorians to support the onshore gas mining industry. With the vast majority of citizens in the NT being opposed to fracking, I hardly think you could call it a fringe group.

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Let the gas flow, says Nigel Scullion
Senator Scullion (Let the gas flow) has a bit of a hide telling Territorians to listen to him and tell Chief Minister Gunner to end his ill thought out moratorium on fracking.
A media reach poll conducted by the NT News reveals that 51% of Territorians support the ban while 28% oppose it and 21% offered no opinion, with support for the ban being highest in Alice Springs, Palmerston and rural areas.
Nigel should start listening to his constituents if he wishes to serve another term in office.

Minister Vowles ‘sucks up’ to fracking bosses
Re Minister Vowles “sucking up” to fracking bosses and ignoring agriculture and fishing.
Minister Vowles clearly has conflicting ministerial portfoios.

Darwin port, Kidman stations: Selling the NT, bit by bit
@ John Bell: Yes, this is an Australia wide problem.
I understand that it is especially the case in the high end of the housing market in Sydney and Melbourne.
It seems ironic to me that Chinese can buy properties in Australia but we can’t buy properties in China.
John Hagan: You obviously didn’t read my letter very well. I certainly did not suggest that the majority of the Kidman properties are now foreign owned.
I am well aware that we have had American and British ownership of pastoral properties in the past and that most of these properties have now come back into Australian hands.
I suspect however that the current wave of purchasers are in it for the long haul.
I am well aware that property owners are entitled to capitalise on their assets and sell for the best price possible. It is our regulatory system that is at fault, not the vendor or the buyer.

Gas, fracking: potential benefits to Aborigines enormous
@ Steve: I’m not a Leftie nor a Greenie. I’m a traditional right wing voter. However, I am pleased to say that unlike yourself I am not so damn far to the right that I blindly follow a party that has lost touch with reality and is out of touch with the people.

Gas, fracking: potential benefits to Aborigines enormous
@ Harold: The majority of Territorians are opposed to fracking so the congregations of people you are talking about must be pretty small.
You may be thirsty for knowledge at the moment but future generations of Territorians will be thirsty for water if aquifers are contaminated.
Needless to say there will be some pretty thirsty livestock around.
If you’re still around, you and blokes like Steve Brown will rue the day that you took no notice of what you dismiss as empty propaganda and bullshit from the loony left.

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