Actually Elvis is disappointed with women talking for country, boys …

Comment on 2.5km of the MacDonnell Ranges to be lit up by Elvis.

Actually Elvis is disappointed with women talking for country, boys talking for country, people squatting on country not belonging to them – the whole Arrente urban raised landscape is out of control. Signing off. Elvis is all shook up!

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2.5km of the MacDonnell Ranges to be lit up
This crap has to stop. The world is moving and the people of the world want to prevent happiness benefiting all.
Penangke: Stop being foolish and silly – you and all other politically correct Aboriginal people. It’s just bullcrap.
By the way there is a train line that runs straight through The Gap. A tower and antennas on top of the range.
Near Baldessera Road is that little range of great importance. People are building all over it. Women are talking about men’s stories in Alice Springs. Jingeloes me!

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Councillor Satour threatened at Council meeting
Let me guess … were they Warlpiri?

Cut mining royalties to land councils: elder
Please councils put it all in Robyn’s account!

Will Aboriginal councillor be blocked from town camps?
Residents of town camps vote for a voice on Alice Springs Town Council (ASAP).
Residents in the municipal area of Alice Springs can’t vote in the Tangentyere Council elections. There is much debate about the direction around town camps and the forward planning on both social and economic benefits that’s to be had about the contribution that they bring to Alice Springs.
A conversation needs to be had between both elected councilors ASAP and it needs to be said that Tangentyere Council sits with in the guidelines of the ASTC. Maybe Mayor Ryan and his councilors need to start walking around on the camps introducing themselves as a start and it includes the Aboriginal elected councilor.

Bushmob absconding: no reliable phone to alert police, resort
The purpose of this camp at Loves Creek is a realistic and very well thought through solution to the problems that Alice and Tennant are enduring right at this time.
As with any new direction that creates change the project was going to have its teething problems but logic thinking and compromise between the parties has to happen.
The boot camp must remain and improvements to security, lighting, training of staff, increased programmes for the client etc must be a priority in order to address the issues that are causing all sorts of unwanted troubles.
Powers from all parties need to put their differences aside and sit back down and finish what they have started to create long term change to an already sad environment.

Hordes of kids rampage: 50 cars hit
This should be making national news,it doesn’t happen anywhere else in Australia.

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