@ KM: “I could think of many better ideas to …

Comment on 2.5km of the MacDonnell Ranges to be lit up by Evelyne Roullet.

@ KM: “I could think of many better ideas to spend the money as well, but guess, yes, it will look pretty”.
My thoughts exactly after opening the letter of Vinnies stating: “There are 7,794 women facing homelessness in the NT.”
Adam Giles, you tell those women that there is a light in front of their tunnel: 2.5km of it on the range at the cost of nearly $2m. As for the children on the street tell them: “No shelter in the old police station but sit quietly and look at the show.”
We all have lost the plot: 1 – Our so call leaders. 2 – Us who let them be in charge.

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Move School of the Air to Anzac High building
Great idea. Excellent for the tourists who do not have a car and or cannot afford a tour bus.

Tour operator new land council chairman
@TJ: What happens when they talk about sacred sites and cultural issues concerning the women?
In traditional Anangu society, men and women have distinct but equally important roles, performing specific tasks that benefit the whole community.
There are male sacred sites (men’s business) which are forbidden to women and women’s sacred sites (women’s business) which are forbidden to men.
National Park Management Plan 2020: The Working Together painting by Jennifer Taylor Uluru-Kata Tjuta has a central circle representing the park.
The twelve seated figures are the members of the Board of Management: Four pairs of male and female Anangu (the brown) and four Piranpa (the white).
So could you explain your comment regarding Barb?

Taxpayer funded firm sends woman bush, unprepared
@ Local 1: I am in total agreement. Ming Lai has a case: Employers have rights and responsibilities regarding workplace health and safety. A duty of care exists to provide for the protection to the health, safety and welfare of workers and others within a workplace.
An employers’ responsibility includes:
• Ensuring workers receive sufficient information, instruction and training in the work that the worker may be required to perform.
• Enabling the worker to perform the work without risk to the health and safety of the worker, or any other person.

Taxpayer funded firm sends woman bush, unprepared
Local1: An expressed opinion is not necessarily nasty.

Taxpayer funded firm sends woman bush, unprepared
@ Ming Lai, with respect, you were alone, you did not received the safety course promised, but you chose to go.
In your CV I can see you are a Jungian, therefore you are familiar with the “The Power of Choice” and the poem I walk down the street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk, and the four choices.

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