This Saturday 2pm at Madigans, Desert Park the organisers of …

Comment on 2.5km of the MacDonnell Ranges to be lit up by Dr Wrongo.

This Saturday 2pm at Madigans, Desert Park the organisers of this event are inviting various indigenous people and others to talk about this grand plan of Adam Giles.
After being told for many months by senior custodians and others with a strong cultural connection to this site that what they are proposing is wrong, the organisers AGB Events are continuing anyway. They have already said that it is too late to change their plans and they will go ahead regardless.
This is respectful consultation at its best. NOT!
It is a real shame because this could have been a great opportunity to build community cohesion and share indigenous culture in a respectful manner.
As one old man has told me “it is an insult to the country and the people”.
The organisers have been told quite a few times over several months that they are wasting this opportunity and are operating in a disrespectful and insulting manner. But they carry on regardless, to create the first ever completely disrespectful indigenous light show.

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2.5km of the MacDonnell Ranges to be lit up
Elvis has left the building … of a safer more respectful and inclusive community to others.

2.5km of the MacDonnell Ranges to be lit up
Its not an authentic indigenous light show when it is breaking important indigenous law, when the stories for other places are being put onto a very important sacred site which has its own story, when it is being driven and developed by outsiders from Sydney and Darwin, when a woman recognised by many as a/the senior apmereke-artweye is feeling insulted and disrespected by the process and level of consultation, when she finds an invite to the launch shoved under her door sometime on Monday night saying RSVP Monday.
When senior men are feeling disrespected and pressured into compliance. There are many things wrong with how this project of Mr Giles has been run.
That site is a part of the dog story, a story about an intruder coming into someone else’s country with no respect and trying to take over to take that country.
They may not be telling or honoring that altyerre but they are reenacting it.
And perhaps their guts will end up spread – metaphorically speaking – across the valley floor like the intruder’s from the proper story for that site.
This story has been shared with the developers of the show and they have chosen to ignore / disrespect it.

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Seems a little bit of history missing from this piece.
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National Parks are not your hobby farm Steve, they don’t want or need cows.

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Steve: Anyone who has been here for a while can see the huge change in the landscape.
Areas with little or no buffle are slowly being dominated by this weed at a detriment to the biodiversity an natural beauty of these places.
It crowds out other species and grows much thicker than native grasses and leaves a huge fuel load that burns hotter.
Sure we need to take precautions to stop these wildfires but in national parks and areas that are set aside to protect the natural environment buffle needs to be severely controlled if not eradicated.

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If we care at all for our environment, biodiversity and parks we would be looking for some way to stop the spread of buffle grass and eradicate it if possible.
What was that thing I heard about a buffle seed head caterpillar from Queensland?

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