If you lock enough people up, build enough prisons, to …

Comment on Rate of property crime dropped since CLP came to power by Peter.

If you lock enough people up, build enough prisons, to the extent that you have the nation’s highest incarceration rates and spend huge dollars to stake out grog outlets you will reduce offending.
But not by much.
Having the nation’s highest reoffending rates shows that the approach only works if more and more money is invested.
$100K per year per prisoners, massive expense for failing rehabilitation. 70% will reoffend.
The CLP has no right to claim a victory here.
We have no more TIOs to sell off, strategic ports and pipelines to sell to the Chinese to prop up our budget.

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Rate of property crime dropped since CLP came to power
Why not make prison less fun and a lot cheaper.
The nation’s highest re offending rates, seven out of 10 re offend, should be telling us something.
Rehabilitation is not working.
So let’s trial not having it, not putting prisoners through endless programs that fail.
Not spending a fortune on so called education and training when these things are not leading to less offending.
Not coming up with “new” costly ideas that will solve the crime problem but (after the election) we find out they failed.
No more sorry business and ceremonies.
What is left is bare bones, spartan but safe prison.
Saving millions.
The sort of prison that many prison staff would like to be part of.

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Even if ‘unfair, unreasonable or too harsh’, it is still the law
It is not open to them, as a matter of law, to find the accused not guilty because they believed the law under which they are being judged is “unfair, unreasonable or too harsh”.
Well actually this option is open to the jury and if I had been on the jury I would have taken it.
In the USA there are many not guilty findings irrespective of the law and the evidence where the three strike law jailing offenders for life applies.
In the years to come we as a society may wish we had paid a lot more attention to the cause of the peace activists.

Family violence is mostly men making a choice
One of the choices is the one we as a community make when dealing with domestic violence offenders.
Domestic violence programs in prison have been an unmitigated failure.
If they were scrapped tomorrow there would be no change in the recidivism rate for domestic violence offenders.
And millions of tax payer money would be saved.
Corrections do not keep data on the success or failure of their programs despite prison review recommendations that they do this.
It would be too embarrassing to do so.
The jail programs do not resonate with the real issues in Aboriginal men’s lives.
The staff administering them do not have the cross-cultural background to understand what these issues are.
The reduction of the numbers and roles of Aboriginal staff within the jail has not been helpful.
One outcome is that many Aboriginal men have spent 10 years or more in jail with just a short time between sentences.
They offend and go to jail, hear stories about their wives and become jealous, get out and assault their wives, go back to jail etc etc.
Along the way they graduate through domestic violence programs.
A few wives deliberately offend to try to head off this cycle by offending so they are in jail when their husbands are there.
Some go and live with their husband’s family.
Focussing on this cycle and how wives and husbands can be supported would be a positive step.
It would also be helpful to employ program staff who know about Aboriginal society and culture and are empowered within the prison system to deliver programs that make sense in the lives of the perpetrators.

Cut mining royalties to land councils: elder
200 series Cruisers are not the usual mining company vehicle. I’ve never seen one at Newman for example.
They use troop carriers mainly.
So why would Central Petroleum be buying six 200 series?
They likely went to traditional owners, while also providing $$ to the CLC.
It’s the way the frackers do business with the gatekeepers.

Cut mining royalties to land councils: elder
The CLC gets a lot more than published mining royalties.
Take gas and fracking advocate company Central Petroleum.
They recently bought six 200 series Landcruisers for a whopping $600,000 from CLC part owned Peter Kittles.
No discounts there.

Guilty: unanimous jury verdict for Peace Pilgrim
John Bell what Anti-Yank, Pro-Yank hostilities?
Not wanting a nuclear target down the road doesn’t make me anti Yank.

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