Let’s start making prison less fun for these people! Make …

Comment on Rate of property crime dropped since CLP came to power by Baron Von Knowitall.

Let’s start making prison less fun for these people! Make it harsh and they won’t want to go back … as it is it’s like a holiday where they go to get good food, a bed, TV and catch up with family members!
Start a prisoner exchange with other states and let them serve their time away from their prison family!

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Rate of property crime dropped since CLP came to power
I think if pollies don’t preform their pays should be cut. Where is their incentive to really care?

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15-year-old charged with assaulting police officer
Doubt it Citz. I think you will find they will get a slap on the wrist with good behaviour blah blah.
The legal system is a joke. Our poor police have to put up with so much knowing their efforts are useless most of the time.
We all know the police do a great job, it’s time the courts did the same.

Fast-tracked police recruits begin in Alice Springs
It’s always funny when these numbers are talked about. I would be curious to know what is the normal number that would be recruited over this period, and what is the real extra number?
I’m sure police leave in the meantime and these numbers might only be enough to cover the loss of people. Who knows?

Turn from endless consulting to making it happen
Just a thought: We are all talking about what to do with these kids. Shouldn’t that be a parent’s / guardian’s job to worry about that?
Let talk to these people and make them attend parenting classes to learn what to do and how to raise kids.
I don’t blame these poor kids, given some of their role models. And there lies the problem.

Real estate: Desert Springs up, Larapinta down
Wow. Larapinta down. Who could have guessed.
Ummm, just about anyone that lives in this town!
For the last 10 to 15 years it has slowly become the Bornx of Alice. Just take a lovely drive around the suburb and I bet you roll your windows up and lock the doors!
Council don’t care but because most of them live in ….
Hint: the richy rich “other” suburb mentioned in the story title.

NT road sealing costs threat to Outback Way?
Some NT tradies get paid more than some doctors! Other states’ tradies get paid peanuts compared to them, that’s what is eating your money away.
Import some SA companies to do the work and make the greedy NT companies charge reasonable amounts.
In the last 15 to 20 years some NT tradie rates have tripled. I’m yet to hear a legitimate reason for this.

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