I look forward to reading the book Kieran. …

Comment on Writing the stories of trouble by Ian Sharp.

I look forward to reading the book Kieran.

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It’s remote, desolate and worth billions
There is also a project envisaged for Lake Mackay near the WA border. Geoscience Australia has some background info on potash.

Step closer for rare earth mine employing up to 370
Good news all round. Good for the Centre, good for Australia and good for the world.
China has a stranglehold on these rare earth minerals at present and this will make the global market more competitive. Hope it goes ahead.

Warm, candid telling of a long-lived life
Thanks Rod, will make it my business to read this book after your review.
And I too want to give a plug for The Red Kangaroo Bookshop as well.
In Alice recently with my daughter, we had morning coffee at Red Dog, printed off some geology notes at the Library (thank you Lily Hampton), what a great facility that is now!
Into the Gem Cave, still some rocks and minerals for sale, got a nice piece of azurite, then onto the bookshop.
Picked up a copy of Lorraine Day’s Gidgee and Dust as we were off to Ross River for a few days.
I was pleased to see to see Dick Kimber’s Man from Arltunga was in stock, and one of Bryan Bowman’s little books. What a treasure this bookshop is!
Then up to the Megafauna Museum, wow! A real must see. Very impressed. A very productive and enjoyable morning.

Al Strangeways wins Portrait of a Senior Territorian
Congratulations Al! Good on you. (Might need you to touch up my portrait, a bit less hair, a few more wrinkles.)

Classroom cops back – but only in one Alice school
There were school cops at ASHS and Anzac in the 80s and 90s, also at Centralian for a while. The success depended on the cops’ willingness to muck in, most were good, some excellent.
A positive influence in the schools. No need for guns though, crikey, we are not America yet.

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