There is nothing but rhetoric in this article quoting the …

Comment on Making Alice all solar would raise costs 300%: Giles by Jimmy Cocking.

There is nothing but rhetoric in this article quoting the Chief Minister. The figures quoted are not based on fact and nor do they reflect the exponential decline in costs for both solar and storage that the world is currently experiencing.
More than 1100 households in Alice Springs have solar on their roof – that’s more than 10% and many more want solar on their roof. A growing number of households want solar, this is not a passive minority of people. People investing in solar understand that harvesting the sun makes economic sense.
Territory Generation would be better to plan for a 100% renewable future rather than embedding dependence on fossil fuel technologies that will become stranded assets within the next 10 to 15 years.
The grid needs to be developed to support household, commercial and utility scale solar, not just the one way flow of electrons from a central generator. Installing battery storage systems within the network will also stabilise and strengthen the resilience of the system.
Solar is not the reason for blackouts. The transformer assets and generators caused the problem last time. A Smart Grid Trial may come some of the way, but we wait and see how this Budget announcement will unfold and be delivered. I am hopeful … but only if Power and Water engages widely and considers the growing uptake of solar in its development.
The cost curve for solar PV and storage is only a few years away from out-competing grid connected power.
Solar power as a service rather than an asset will break the business models of Territory Generation and Power Water Corporation and contribute to the “death spiral” where the costs of production will exceed their revenue as more and more people get off the grid.
The Giles Government seems like they’re only open to certain businesses and business models but not to others. Science and evidence-based decision-making is also something that has been lacking. If we are to grow the economy, we need to ensure we don’t overdraw on our natural capital.
The CLP is currently pushing a broken business model that puts our groundwater and climate at risk for the benefit of very few people.
All candidates for our NT Parliament must open their eyes to the global economic disruption that is already happening – solar is it!
Let’s support a renewal of our energy assets with existing solar technologies to ensure we are ready to power on beyond the age of fossil fuels.
We cannot afford elected representatives who are willing to gamble our collective wealth on risky gas fracking when we all know the power of the sun will continue to shine on forever (at least another few billion years).
Time to choose … broken business models or a new way of doing things.
We have two elections this year – I’ll be choosing those who are going to invest in a renewable energy future and cut fossil fuel pollution.

Recent Comments by Jimmy Cocking

30 scientists say no to fracking in the NT
@ Andrew: He is associated with the Norwood Resource, a pro-gas industry “education” charity. The people who oppose fracking have nothing to gain except clean air, water and a safe climate. Gas lobbyists have become the loudest voices in closing off coal as they hope to portray gas as a cleaner fuel.
It may be, if it didn’t leak and escape into the atmosphere. Reality is that we have to stop all fossil fuel pollution by mid century or we risk permanent damage to the climate system.
East coast supply issues are about gas companies selling our gas cheaper to Asia than they do to us.
The supply issue is the result of gas export contracts and the same people who manufactured that is also trying to make the solution from coal to gas in the Pedirka basin. Potentially killing national heritage listed Dalhousie hot springs
Fracking is dangerous and polluting. It has made many oil and gas barons rich in the states but risked water, communities and seismic safety.
Our farming and tourist industries are more important than the gas fracking industry. We have abundant sun and we should focus on solar.
It is well known that we can’t exploit our known reserves of fossil fuels without blowing the global carbon budget, let alone finding and developing new ones.
Let’s hope the NT Government makes a sensible decision to extend the moratorium indefinitely.

Let’s have an Australia Day when we are ready for it
@ Local1: Factually incorrect. The vitriol on Monday night was largely coming from supporters of Cr Price where a fellow Councillor was threatened with violence for reading a statement of unity and reconciliation from the Arrernte women.
Appalling behaviour considering these people attended in response to a Facebook callout for support by Cr Price herself.
In regards to your opinion, if you can’t speak out without a pseudonym, then your opinion has a lot less weight in my opinion, especially when peddling mistruths.

Flood report a trickle, not a banker
If elected either Mayor or as a Councillor, I will advocate for action on this report.

Flood report a trickle, not a banker
Erwin, the FMAC is made up of volunteers who nominated and were appointed to advise the NT government. The report is the advice. It is now up to the NTG to act on the report.

Councillor fumes over power station job losses
@ Steve: But weren’t you part of the initial front page announcement about how wonderful this was all going to be at the start of last year?
Good to see you standing up for the workers now! Giles and co were aware of this proposal back then.
We need local control of our power assets and local jobs.
Many more jobs per MW in solar than in remote controlled gas fired stations.
That’s why we’re pushing for a sun powered future, as opposed to one dependent on fracked gas.

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