It was the Howard Liberal government that brought in the …

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It was the Howard Liberal government that brought in the Intervention that turned the clock back 30 years in Aboriginal affairs. It caused all the current dilemma and upheaval across the NT, such that Aboriginal people have little control of their destiny. There are too many fingers in the pie from all sectors of government who hardly talk to each other, as well as other vested interests.
It can be truly said to be an Aboriginal industry good for others. Because of this exclusion, Aboriginal people have become indifferent to what’s happening around them, supposedly for them, but without them.
The Remote Housing Development Authority is a fine example. There has been no consultation with Aboriginal people about it.
Who will it be made up of, and headed up by whom? No doubt by some mate (hack) of the CLP government and other select people announced by said government.
The Remote Housing Development Authority is not a first in the NT for the NT government to claim it as unique and a first ever. Heidi Williams has not been in the NT long enough to know that the Indigenous Housing Authority of the Northern Territory (IHANT), long preceded this so called new concept of RHDA.
IHANT was a partnership between the NT government of the day and the Commonwealth Government represented by the Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) and the Department of Family and Community Services.
Parties to the partnership pooled their money for Aboriginal housing, which was then allocated by IHANT, to seven ATSIC Regional Councils in the NT at the time. Where will the ongoing funding for RHDA come from? We don’t even know that. Does the NT government? Anyone can Google information on IHANT. I know about IHANT because I am a former member of IHANT.

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Offenders bailed to ‘country’: An option, says police
@ Jones: Well, you would think all those mentioned Aboriginal interests who were involved or still involved in the selling of grog to Aboriginal people, would have a prick of conscience and consider working with police on the “bailed to country” and bail conditions, instead of calling for more cops at the grog outlets.
In times past up in Tennant Creek, when there were good working relationships between police and Aboriginal organisations, trespass notices were taken out against persistent trouble makers from out of town in Aboriginal controlled establishments by the organisations and it would be supported by police making sure those trouble makers were on the next bus out of town.
Bail to country could work on similar lines for the whole town. There needs to be a holistic approach to this proposed option by police. There needs to be a break and respite to the ongoing problems.

Offenders bailed to ‘country’: An option, says police
Alcohol does play a big part in a lot of these troubles but right alongside this story in the Alice Springs News, is an IGA Lhere Artepe advertisement advertising liquor amongst food items available.
I wonder if Lhere Artepe representing Native Title holders of Alice Springs, will be one of the non government partners involved in giving advice to police?
First should be, that Lhere Artepe have a moral conscience and give up their grog license for the sake of Aboriginal people. Demonstrate true leadership.

Gunner re-opens the Rivers of Grog floodgates
I often wonder, do the licensees ever consider they might have some responsibility to society in this whole grog problem, or do they just stay under the radar enjoying support of politicians and government while they profit?
Politicians and government that run to the aid of licensees by stationing police at bottle shops helping protect their trade.
It demonstrates our politicians and government lack any intelligence to look at other measures to effectively enact to better manage this out of hand problem at the source, other than taking police away from the job they are there to do, that is, protect society as a whole.

Open doors, not flogging, will reduce juvenile offending
Keep judge Greg Borchers. Judge Borchers deals with habitual offenders all the time. They regularly front up for all sorts of offending but don’t seem to learn anything.
Half our problems lay with softie judges where the rights of the offender appears to prevail.
On the one hand, people complain about piss weak judges, then want to sack one who tells it as it to the offender, probably hoping something might get through.
It appears offenders and their supporters don’t want a straight talking judge lest it hurts their sensibilities, never mind the crime they committed against society.

NT News interfered with reporting to protect ad income from NT Government: Allegation
It is probably assumed in the NT Government that people with historical knowledge of past deals by the NT Government, with evidence to back it up, are no longer around.
There is much power wielded by Executive Government allowing it to do the deals it does.
As far as jobs go in the upper echelon, there appears to be no equal playing field.
Merit based appointments is all rubbish.
It seems its more like whom you know, not much indication of interview.
And it is all detrimental to good government of the NT.

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