It was the Howard Liberal government that brought in the …

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It was the Howard Liberal government that brought in the Intervention that turned the clock back 30 years in Aboriginal affairs. It caused all the current dilemma and upheaval across the NT, such that Aboriginal people have little control of their destiny. There are too many fingers in the pie from all sectors of government who hardly talk to each other, as well as other vested interests.
It can be truly said to be an Aboriginal industry good for others. Because of this exclusion, Aboriginal people have become indifferent to what’s happening around them, supposedly for them, but without them.
The Remote Housing Development Authority is a fine example. There has been no consultation with Aboriginal people about it.
Who will it be made up of, and headed up by whom? No doubt by some mate (hack) of the CLP government and other select people announced by said government.
The Remote Housing Development Authority is not a first in the NT for the NT government to claim it as unique and a first ever. Heidi Williams has not been in the NT long enough to know that the Indigenous Housing Authority of the Northern Territory (IHANT), long preceded this so called new concept of RHDA.
IHANT was a partnership between the NT government of the day and the Commonwealth Government represented by the Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) and the Department of Family and Community Services.
Parties to the partnership pooled their money for Aboriginal housing, which was then allocated by IHANT, to seven ATSIC Regional Councils in the NT at the time. Where will the ongoing funding for RHDA come from? We don’t even know that. Does the NT government? Anyone can Google information on IHANT. I know about IHANT because I am a former member of IHANT.

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Compromise was needed to save youth crime plan
@ Domenico Pecorari: Your comments are right. Also, most local governments around Australia fly the Aboriginal flag alongside the Australian flag and their own local government and state flags.
However, there is still an element of fear of the truth in this country, that Aboriginal people are the original inhabitants of Australia, a denial, a continuing oppression of the people and that fact.
You can have every other nation in the world in this country, but it does not mean their flags should be raised as well. The fact is, they are not Aboriginal people of this land.
Cr. Satour sought support of Apmerreke-artweye, the right people of the Aboriginal community, to help find ways to address problems rampant in Alice Springs committed by Aboriginal people.
There is still hope that the council may support that initiative. Perhaps they just need to be a little more objective once they get over their own importance in the scheme of things, to think and act outside the box.

Council not keen on offer of help to fight crime
Quite some years back there was a Four Corners Council. Four corners being north, south, east and west.
The council consisted of elders representing Aboriginal people from these respective tribal group directions.
The council was headed up by strong Arrernte elders since the problems being dealt with, were in Alice Springs, similar to those today.
I understand the purpose of the council was to work collaboratively with other groups to deal with issues, then for each respective elder on the council deal with their own people.
At least that’s the way I understood the council to work.
To give any meaning and strength to such a body today, would probably involve MOU with all government and non government agencies that have relevant roles and responsibilities. All would need to be on board.

Cut mining royalties to land councils: elder
Mr Granites has a point about CLC behaviour. Anyone who may challenge CLC they way Mr Granites says they did in reference to the letter they sent to the CLC Chairman, are just ignored.
Also minutes from CLC meetings are a rare thing, or at least never seen.

Government breaches faith over CM appointment
@ Diane de Vere: You are pretty much correct about this recruitment process. Also built in to such positions is a “no right of appeal” so their already selected “applicant” can be slotted straight into the job with the congratulatory back slapping. All fair and transparent as a brick wall.

Call for public to monitor police at bottle shops
Paul McCue, NT Police Association President, looks like your police will have to stay at the bottle shops according to the PAAC, to be monitored by the public encouraged on the PAAC web site, not out there fighting the escalating criminal behaviour of recent events in Alice Springs.

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