What Chris is too kind to mention is that there …

Comment on Rural land misuse in Tollner’s too hard basket by Alex Hope.

What Chris is too kind to mention is that there is fibre-optic cable running down Ilparpa Rd, but the residents are denied access to it.
No doubt it is to help all the “gardeners” at Pine Gap with their busy planting schedules. But in the interests of good community relations could our Seppo friends not have shared?
And as for Kilgariff, not connected to the NBN yet built on the Stuart Highway with two if not three fibre optic cables running past, the entrance-words almost fail me: Only in the NT?

Recent Comments by Alex Hope

Gallery at Anzac consult: council hurries to meet govt deadline
1: I endorse Mr Shiell’s point above, and remind the reader that neither the Aboriginal-majority advisory committee nor the government seem to have consulted, let alone listened to, the traditional owners of Mpartnwe. This would be a very sad irony when we are talking about creating a new national institution to celebrate indigenous culture!
2: How come the site to the East of Yarrenyty Arltere Town Camp (Larapinta Valley) is suddenly available for a rugby oval, when it was ruled out as a suitable site for the Steiner School by the planners and the then minister (Sid Stirling) when they were being evicted by Araluen and desperate for a grant of public land as all other non government primary schools in the NT had obtained previously. Have the planners now been railroaded by their political mistresses?
3: When will we see a discussion paper setting out the pros and cons for the different sites, with estimated social and financial costs and benefits for each. It is hard to have a sensible discussion without the basis provided by such a document.

Farm area needs better broadband: Paech
It is great that the local Member has taken up this issue on behalf of his constituents.
Perhaps he could ask Pine Gap to show what a good corporate citizen it is, by letting Ilparpa Road residents have access to the optic fibre which runs past their driveways?
I would be interested to hear the response.

Indigenous gallery location done and dusted, says Lambley
I’m still waiting to see a discussion paper setting out the pros and cons of the different options, with estimated costings for each.
I am reluctant to believe that our government could make a decision committing so many public $$$ without such a document.
If it proves to be the case, then gawd help us – they say we get the government we deserve….!

Pine Gap’s new role as a war fighting command centre
Thanks for this Erwin, it is great to have this info readily available for locals.

At last, public will get a say on Anzac Oval: Town Council
Congratulations to Jimmy Cocking for getting his motion up, and if the IAP2 principles could be made mandatory for NT government decisions as well as Council ones, that would be even better.

However if we are looking for a suitable template for governmental decision making we also to need to consider in every decision:

– what the evidence base is for the need for, and where appropriate the methodology of, the project;
– the pros, cons and relative costs of the options being canvassed (though perhaps this is implied in “the information they need to participate in a meaningful way” mentioned above;

and in our context, in addition to this, for decisions with a significant impact on Aboriginal people it is clearly necessary to consider

– what is the view of the appropriate Aboriginal group with authority to speak on the matter in question.

I find it quite ironic that there should be a view on Council that the ABORIGINAL traditional owners of Alice Springs should not have been specifically consulted about the siting of a national INDIGENOUS art gallery, let alone not been given a seat on the Government’s advisory committee in the first place.

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