Steve is running and he is the buffle king. Loves …

Comment on Buffel inaction makes mockery of parks hype by Maths.

Steve is running and he is the buffle king. Loves the stuff. Anyone with half a brain and eyeballs that has been in Alice for a while will know how it has spread and changed the landscape into a boring monotony of buffle.
It kills the trees when it burns and new ones find it hard to break through. Where are the fields of wild flowers? Buffled.

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Council ‘in the way’ of Alice development: Chief Minister
What is a traditional owner? How do you define that term?
Is it the same as native title holder, which is a very recent legal term.
Or is it closer to a more original Indigenous understanding.
Something closer to apmereke-artweye and kwetungurle.
Or is it something else again?

Council majority on heatwaves: no further action required
Does councillor Jacinta Price ever attend council meetings? Or is she always on the phone?

Alice councillors join new political party
“Policies that reinforce traditional Australian values at the time of the foundation of the country.” Really, that sounds very backward and quite dangerous for many in our community. Surely they can’t be serious.

From mud, dust to grass: The beginning of Anzac Oval
Seems a little bit of history missing from this piece.
This was an important place before the oval was thought of, and there are stories connected to the untyeye that once grew there and I believe remnants still last till this day.

West Macs fire mitigation critically inadequate: Scientist
National Parks are not your hobby farm Steve, they don’t want or need cows.

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