Thanks, Erwin, for being part of the event … and …

Comment on These people are not homeless … by Phil Walcott.

Thanks, Erwin, for being part of the event … and the introduction to Bertha.
A great representation of various business, government and non-government agency leaders interacting with each other sharing stories and co-operative strategies along with soup, bread, bacon and eggs.
I really liked the team approaches from some organisations.
Peter Nichols (looking very Zen in the accompanying photo) and the very sensational Alice Springs Community Bank cohort.
The terrific representation from various NGOs that work with the issues of homelessness on a daily basis. Huge call-out to Melissa and her Vinnies team for the organisation and smooth operation over 12-14 hours.
The event heralded the onset of winter into Alice, complete with a smattering of rain. The temperature dropped about 10 degrees overnight and produced a grey, chilly day.
On a warmer brighter note, the morning also coincided with the colourful and creative opening of the 20th Anniversary Alice Springs Beanie Festival that people can engage with over the next three days. With over 6,000 beanies, tea cosies and other textile creations on show, there’s something for everyone.
Alice Springs … what a town! So much to embrace and be a part of. Have a fun weekend everyone.

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Not us and them. Just us, says Cr Melky.
We need to remember that this town is not “black and white”. We are a vibrant multi-cultural commUNITY with over 35 different nationalities represented. Time for inclusion of those groups as well.

Council CEO Rex Mooney to retire in July next year
So many thanks for all of your great contributions, in partnership with others, to continue growing our terrific town, Rex.
You and Janet have been significant contributors to so many aspects of Alice Springs. Hoping your successor will demonstrate a similar passion for the role and the people.
Congratulations on a job well done and one that you’ll continue contributing to over the next several months.

Alice lesbian couple exercise their right to wed
Sincere congratulations to two very inspiring women. Thanks for the threads of ‘being’ you weave through the rich fabric that is our Alice Springs community.

Your significant contributions to both your public and professional lives is much honoured and respected.

Love well and long…

Phil XX

Leaving town: Centre, its creatures will miss Kaye Kessing
Such a tremendous thread in the rich fabric of our social tapestry.
Kaye has given so much with regard to her generous contributions to many of Alice’s people and organisations.
Her sensational talent with creating visual masterpieces is inter-generational.
Her bilby book trilogy is simply sensational and her many works that adorn various canvases around town are a remarkable testament to her creativity and passion for Central Australia.
Wishing you and Eleanor a most wonderful future together, Kaye, continuing to create physical and emotional artworks in the name of our first love … humanity. Journey well.

Student boarding funding restored – for now
Great outcome … as it needed to be.

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