Thanks, Erwin, for being part of the event … and …

Comment on These people are not homeless … by Phil Walcott.

Thanks, Erwin, for being part of the event … and the introduction to Bertha.
A great representation of various business, government and non-government agency leaders interacting with each other sharing stories and co-operative strategies along with soup, bread, bacon and eggs.
I really liked the team approaches from some organisations.
Peter Nichols (looking very Zen in the accompanying photo) and the very sensational Alice Springs Community Bank cohort.
The terrific representation from various NGOs that work with the issues of homelessness on a daily basis. Huge call-out to Melissa and her Vinnies team for the organisation and smooth operation over 12-14 hours.
The event heralded the onset of winter into Alice, complete with a smattering of rain. The temperature dropped about 10 degrees overnight and produced a grey, chilly day.
On a warmer brighter note, the morning also coincided with the colourful and creative opening of the 20th Anniversary Alice Springs Beanie Festival that people can engage with over the next three days. With over 6,000 beanies, tea cosies and other textile creations on show, there’s something for everyone.
Alice Springs … what a town! So much to embrace and be a part of. Have a fun weekend everyone.

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Gallery: The Gunner spin goes on
Pretty obvious this is a blatant political move by the Feds. They back their own team in SA to the detriment of the opposition team in the NT.

Senator Scullion will not contest Federal election
Just throwing a conversation starter into the mix, Sharpie.

Senator Scullion will not contest Federal election
Let’s see where this goes. If Jacinta loses Lingiari, she’ll be parachuted into the role. If she doesn’t, will The Elf make a comeback?

Starting young in multi-culturalism
Such an impressive program driven by devotion, compassion and integrity.
We most certainly are a rich tapestry of collective and inclusive community spirit as evidenced by the wonderful interactions that these kids embraced.
Congratulations to Suzanne and her team for providing these kids with some wonderful experiences. The stuff memories are of.

NT should become the Switzerland of the Southern Hemisphere
I can relate to your frustrations, Kelvin. Thanks for your insights and perceptions. From a personal position, I concur with your views regarding Delia Lawrie.
YES … unfortunately the lacklustre leadership from a number of the parliamentary and bureaucratic circles fail to project any long-term vision beyond election cycles into our Territory’s future. Devising plans isn’t enough. We need visions to underpin them. Singapore and China had visions … and look where they are now. They made “boundless possible” a reality rather than simply a mantra.
We can only hope that there are enough people within those ranks, and those from the commercial and industrial sectors, who are prepared to look at ways that we can collectively enhance the Northern Territory’s present and future.
We have the people, we have the capacity. Now all we need is the will to realise some remarkable opportunities.

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