Such a magical annual experience that just continues to grow. …

Comment on ‘Making beanie dreams come true’ by Phil Walcott.

Such a magical annual experience that just continues to grow. 20 years of celebration is a delight to be part of.
Congratulations Jo Nixonb… your sustained efforts over two decades has made Alice Springs even more of an iconic destination as it ever was.
Huge thanks to the current and former committees that have continued to help the festival thrive in all its glory.
Phil Walcott
Alice Springs Beanie Festival Inc.

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First Aboriginal doctor: Gordon Briscoe AO, BA (Hist), MA, PhD
A terrific read … great acknowledgement of a man who looks like having significantly contributed to many generations of Aboriginal people, both locally and around the country.
Always good to learn of such accomplishments from those of us who had a difficult beginning.
Happily shared on some social media. Thanks for being, Gordon.

Gallery: The Gunner spin goes on
Pretty obvious this is a blatant political move by the Feds. They back their own team in SA to the detriment of the opposition team in the NT.

Senator Scullion will not contest Federal election
Just throwing a conversation starter into the mix, Sharpie.

Senator Scullion will not contest Federal election
Let’s see where this goes. If Jacinta loses Lingiari, she’ll be parachuted into the role. If she doesn’t, will The Elf make a comeback?

Starting young in multi-culturalism
Such an impressive program driven by devotion, compassion and integrity.
We most certainly are a rich tapestry of collective and inclusive community spirit as evidenced by the wonderful interactions that these kids embraced.
Congratulations to Suzanne and her team for providing these kids with some wonderful experiences. The stuff memories are of.

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