I am surprised that for something that is part of …

Comment on Finke Desert Race moves to secure its future by Baron Von Knowitall.

I am surprised that for something that is part of all the locals (among many other people) memories and life experiences that the NT Government aren’t putting more money and effort in making it better and bigger!
Come on Giles, chuck some money at it take some credit for making it the best weekend on the Alice Springs calendar (of which it pretty much is anyway)!
I’m also very surprised that the prize money is nothing compared to the cost of racing God bless all the competitors and volunteers.

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The Territory is broke
I agree. This government is doing a not so great job (to put it nicely), but blaming them for the next 10 years’ worth of continued debt along the same lines is sensationalising the issue.
I’m pretty sure they won’t be in government for that length of time and who knows what changes to the economy may happen over that period.
The NT needs new industry developments, especially if they don’t care about our tourism industry which is obvious with the extreme crime in Darwin and Alice.
So get ready Hippies, the government will most likely open up a lot more mining and other stuff in the coming years.

Youth crime operation not enough, curfew needed: Lambley
Only one thing will work, and that is a deterrent that they are afraid of.
Smack on the wrist, kiss and cuddle, detention where they can run riot and do what they want, be sent home where no one cares about them because their parents aren’t fit to be parents, are all things the current Government are doing. And they do not work. Grow a pair, Government.

One house break-in, four cars stolen
Yeah, give him bail. He doesn’t seem to be a threat to anyone.
Hang on, good one, Judge.

Young man charged with attempted murder, girl with robbery
What a society we live in, where this type of serious crime is just another day and gets forgotten about in five minutes. It’s really telling of the fault of our Government and Culture decline.
I hope the young lady recovers fast.

Change at the helm of the Central Land Council
Good luck Joe, see if you can improve the public’s opinion of the CLC and make it great.

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